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Kate Nichole moved from Ohio to london. She has a complex story that is yet to be explained. (Liam famous)


2. two


I had only just net her but she was really pretty. "I'm sorry." I said picking up her bags. "Oh it's fine." Kate said. She was very pretty. Then I had an idea.


Liam picked up all of my bags, he was so nice! I told him he didn't have too. Yet he did anyway. We walked to the gate together about anything and every thing! I learned some cool stuff, like his favorite movie is toy story and that he is afraid of spoons.

The toy story thing is cute but the spoon thing is kind of weird. But still he was really sweet. I also learned that he was going to the same university that I was transferring too! At least I'll have one friend...


We walked to her gate where she would be dropped off. We talked about so many things! I found out gat she would be going to the same university. I will have to introduce her to my mates! They would love her.


I called a cab to take me to my new apartment. I had all of my furniture moved there. It was so much easier. It took me awhile to realize that I had forgotten to ask Liam for his number. Boo! I might not even have any classes with him! Oh well it was nice while it lasted.

The can pulled up to a large building, that was the complex of apartments. I paid the driver and lugged my bags out if the car and into the building. I checked in and recieved a mailbox key and two room keys. I then dragged my bags up to my apartment. I pulled out the key and unlocked the door to see my nicely painted and furnished apartment. The kitchen was red and my room was a nice light green. A color everybody loved, and the den was pale yellow. There was a dining room that went along with the kitchen. The movers had done all of the moving of my furniture and painting. Really nice if them. They don't offer that in America.

I quickly unpacked all if my bags in my room. I had a queen sized bed that was quite comfy if you ask me. When I was done unpacking, I went and sat down in the den, to turn on the Telly. Just then I got a text from an unknown number.

-Hey! Stole your number! This is Liam. Can u meet me at Starbucks at three?

-sure! I'd love too!

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