For you

Kate Nichole moved from Ohio to london. She has a complex story that is yet to be explained. (Liam famous)


3. three


I added Liam's number to my phone and jumped in the shower. I washed quickly and then wrapped a towel around my self and walked to my room. I pulled out a long sleeve shirt and some jeans. The long sleeved shirt was black and had believe, written on it in white cursive.

The jeans where simple faded with a little tear in the knee. I got some black vans and brushed out my hair. It was dark and straight. I was whering my glasses as well. (Sorry if this look is really dark! It's not goth or any thing but London is where punk and rock originated so this is naturally how we dress!) I laced up my shoes and grabbed my phone and wallet and went out the door. I called a cab ant texted Liam.

To: Liam <3 hey! On my way. C u soon!

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