Perrie's Little Brother

Perrie's little sister Christian is going to be staying with Perrie for the summer

What happens if the carrot king falls in love?

What happens if the carrot king still dating someone?

Witch one will he choose?


3. Hello sis!!!!!and one direction?

Christian's (p.o.v.)

We were finally here thank god. My parents helped me get my stuff and left, well that's just rude I knocked on the door and my lovely older sister answered it she yelled " CHRISTIAN!!!!!" I yelled back "PERRIE!!!" We hugged and I looked over her shoulder and there stood Zayn well I've met him before but the rest of one direction I haven't met and they were standing right in front of me we introduced each other and well ya then a girl came bursting threw the door it turned back and it looked like everyone had a fake smile on then Perrie said " hi Eleanor this is my little sister Christian " she rolled her eyes and said " isn't Christian like a religion and a GUYS name "I nodded and snapped back " well that's good you know your religions " she rolled her eyes and then went up to Louis and said " Louis bear I need a 100 to go get my nails done " he sighed and said " Eleanor I don't have any money you spend it all " she rolled her eyes and what she said really pissed him off " well you should have a lot of money your a pop star " then she stormed out of the house you could see the anger in her eyes.

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