Perrie's Little Brother

Perrie's little sister Christian is going to be staying with Perrie for the summer

What happens if the carrot king falls in love?

What happens if the carrot king still dating someone?

Witch one will he choose?


2. good bye Michael

Christians (p.o.v.)

Well I started throwing all my jeans and shirts and shoes into suitcases then I grabbed my skateboard and my CREATURE hoodie and took everything down stairs then I grabbed my backpack that had all my electronics and that and went back down stairs all ready to go know just have to wait for my parents to wake up ugh well I decided that I would go to my boyfriend Michael's house and tell him I'm leaving I grabbed my skateboard and skated to his house. I nocked on the door and there he was with sexy bed head and his perfectly abs and his neck to his arms covered in tattoos he sighed and said " it's time " I nodded with tears brimming my eyes he pulled me into a hug and he let me cry into his chest he mumbled " don't worry Chris I'll come and visit you I promise " I nodded and he pecked my lips and said " well I'll walk you home come on " he grabbed his hoodie and slipped it on we locked hands and started walking we made small talk but I truly am going to miss him he turned me around and said " I love you Chris and I'll come and visit ok " I nodded he pecked my lips and he walked away I opened the door and my parents were in the kitchen my dad asked " where were you Christian " I replied " with Michael telling him that i was leaving " my mum snickered she really never did like Michael because of his tattoos but she thinks his heart is tattooed but his heart is warm and kind I grabbed my luggage and we headed to the car I hopped in and plugged my earphones in and black veil brides knives and pens were playing I looked out the window and sighed and mumbled " goodbye Michael " I actually live in Wolverhampton and we have to drive to London, central London lets just say a very very long long ride. Ugh.

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