Breaking Down these Walls

Nikki was one of the funniest, caring, random girl you will ever meet. She is a senior in this not really important academy. Her friends will always see her smiling laughing and just loving life. They knew some things about her life but not all. They don't know what abuse she gets from her family everday, the people that are suppose to love her. Don't get me wrong she does get along with her family and she loves them, but there is switch or a glitch in her family where it turns from love to hate. All she wants in life is love, but sadly she doesn't get it. Instead she gets death glares and verbal abuse from her ex boyfriend Alexander.

Meet Alexander a junior at the same academy as Nikki he was a transfer there junior, but instantly popular. He is part of the "popular crowd" as you may say it. Always getting what he wants; the girls and the fact that he is the first Junior to make captain of the school soccer team. He had a lovely family not, he has a horrible life but when he meets


4. chapter 4

Nikki's P.O.V.

You that one time you don't want see a person at all and for some reason the world doesn't like you that day and you keep seeing that person everywhere. Well thats what happening to me today, I swear Alex is stalker, well not really but right now I'm naming him a stalker cause, since I got here, I see him everywhere. Oh to make things more great cue the sarcasm I have him for music YAY!!! Not!!

You see I walked out of first period to avoid any contact with Alex and it work for about Five minutes. When I walked down stairs to go to music I see Maria and I'm happy as kid getting cookies, I never had Maria for any class in the past three years I have been in this school we where just great friends, so I was very happy that I was going to have her in a class. I ran up to her and hug her like if it was the first time I saw her in years. I know it was wierd but hey.

" Mari!!! Yay I have you for a class !!" I shouted with happiness

" Nikki I just saw you in lunch !" She responded

" But its been a long time I haven't seen you I miss you !!" I said

" Nikki I missed you too!! hahaha you so cheery today !!" She replied

" I know hahaha...Ahhhh America !!! I have you for this class too Ahhhh Yay !!! " I yelled

" Nikki!!! OMG I have you for music Yay!!! Its been a long time I seen you!! you forgot about me !!" She said

" America I can't forget about you!! you're Confusious remember !!" I said

" ahh memories hahaha " She said

" Back in freshman year, good times good times!!" I said

" hey don't forget about me!!" Maria said

" Oh how can I forget about you Mari!! hahaha Group hug !!" I yelled

" weirdo." Maria said

" shut up Mari you know you love this weirdo." I said

" Yeah yeah" Mari said

"We are going to have so much fun in this class !!'' America said

" you got to be kidding me " Someone says

I looked up from where I was sitting and guess what yup Alex, I had him from music just great, just great. But he was right about the ' you got be kidding me' part. How can this be, how on earth did we get stuck in the same class together.

" why me, why me" I whispered to myself

" I wonder if its too late to transfer out of this class " He mumered

" Please let it be not late, please" I said

" still begging I see " Alex said as he passed me

" Still an A'hole I see " I mock him

" I hate you " He said

" feeling is mutual" I reply

" wow you can feel the tension " Maria said

Crap I forgot about them, only Maia knew about me and Alex, America had no clue. I wonder what she is thinking, hmm I wander can I read her mind, ' America can you hear me'

" Nikki?" America said out loud

Ok that scared the living sh't out of me, did I just like contacted her through the mind, can I read minds, AWESOME !!

" Nikki, what was that about, you know about the tension" She asked

oh thats why she was calling me, aww man I was really happy that I could have read minds, that would have meant no more studys for me, but I was wrong. Tear tear, now I wish I could read people mind and talk to them.

" Idk to be honest, why did you say that Mari" I said putting the blame on her, sorry Mari I still love you!!

" Dude, you can feel the anger between you guys, what hapeen to you two?" Mari said 

" you wanna know what this fool did to me" I said very loudy 

" yeah what did I do?" Alex said 

" this stupid ass doesn't look around when he opens door" I said 

" really, you still on about that?" Alex said 

" what are you talking about?" Mari and America asked 

" That this dumb butt, hit me with the freakin door and didn't apologizes for it!!" I said 

" You were the one not looking where you walked !!" He yellled 

" No, I was looking where I was walking you just didn't see me !!" I yelled backed 

" Its not my fualt you're small!!" He said 

" I'm not short!! You're just freakishly tall!!! " I replied 

" I swear you guys act like a married couple, how long have you guys been dating?" Mr. Fong asked 

" Me date her never!!" Alex said 

" Yeah sorry Mr. Fong I like my guys to be smart and to be nice unlike him" I said 

" I'm mean, you're the one who is mean!!" Alex said 

" So are you guys going out?" Mr. Fong said 

" NO!!" we both said at the same time. 

Mr. Fong smirk at both us and simply said, " I give it till the end of the semester, I will find you guys kissing outside the classtoom."  

" Hell no, I do not want my mouth on his mouth!!! I don't know where his lips have been." I said 

" wouldn't you like to know" He whispered into my ear. 

"See what I have to deal with Mr. Fong !!" I yell 

" Well hello future musicians of the future for those who don't know me I am Mr. Fong !! And I will teach you everything you need to know about music !! So since this is a mixed class of Seniors and Juniors, lets get know eachother !!!" He said 

" how ?" America asked 

" well, you are a senior what are you thinking of majoring in ?" Mr. Fong asked 

" easy Marine Biology!" America said outloud 

" how about you Maria?" Mr. Fonged asked 

" Cosmmetology"  She answered 

" you Andy" He asked 

" to be honest i don't know, all I want to do is graduate high school and home to get into a university, otherwise, El Co. " Andy replied 

" Well at least you have a plan, how about you Alex I know you are just a juniior, but do you have something in mind in what you want to do in the future?" Fong asked 

" Yeah, well I wanna go Pro in soccer, I know I can do it, but if that doesn't work out I guess I will like to do architecture." Alex responded 

" Thats good that you have a plan for your future, and a back up plan to fall on thats very well" Fong replied 

" Yeah, a friend kind of help me find out what I want for the future" he said 

great I remember that day when we were talking about our future, I got admit that day was actually good day for us, we weren't fighting, or playing around as usual, but a serious conversation. I enjoyed it. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flash back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The clouds look so beautiful today, it was sunny but the clouds look so white and fluffy today, it was a beautiful landscape. I was laying my head on Alex lap, at the abandon school that everyone comes once in a while. We were on the playground that weirdly was still stable, I was looking at the clouds and Alex well Alex was being himself and checking to see if Barcelona won or not. Anyway the sky made me think of the future, I'm graduating next year, I'm going away to college and be far from Alex, and I still have no clue what I want to do. 

" Alex what do you want to be in the future?" I asked 

" What do you mean?" He asked 

" Like que quiere hacer, what do you want to study in college, or do you even wanna go to college, what do you think waits for us?" I asked 

'' You sure have a lot of questions today" he said 

he looked at me and saw all seriousness in my eyes, and to be honest i wanted to know what he thought of the future and did he see me in it or not. 

" My dream has always been to become a Pro Soccer Player, and I want to do that I wanna play soccer for the rest of my life " He said 

" But what if that doesn't happen, or if you do make it Pro, but you hurt yourself and can't play soccer again, what are you going to do then. " I asked 

" To be honest I don't really know, because I have always seen myself playing soccer and nothing more" He answered 

" I know You can go Pro, but you must have a back up plan if thatdoesn't work out." I said 

" you think I can go Pro?" He asked me 

" Yeah, I've seen you play before you have natural born talent Alex, I know that if you keep what you are doing you can Pro, you will go Pro. I just want you to have a back up plan, something you can fall back on if something goes wrong." I said 

" You really care about me don't you." He said 

" Yeah, I do, I will always care for you no matter what happens" I said 

" Nicole I love you!!" he said kissing my cheek 

" eww you called me Nicole" I said 

" babe it's your name" He said 

" I know but, I like Nikki better" I said 

" Ok Nikki haha, and Architect" He said 

" Huh" Is all that came out of my mouth

" I would like to study architecture, if I don't make it Pro in soccer " He said 

" Ohh" I replied 

" yeah how about you ?" He asked 

" To be honest I have no idea and my time is coming to know what I want to do?" I said 

" how about a nurse, you know so you can take care of my injuries when I get hurt playing Pro Soccer" He said 

" you know I was thinking about being a nurse but Idk and I won't be taking care of your injuries " I said 

" aww why not "  he said 

" cause I know you and I know your reason for why you want me to be a nurse " I said 

" But you love me" He said 

" yeah, yeah, yeah " I said 

" get over here" he said 

He tried grabbing me but I out ran him well he let me I know he is faster, but yeah he chased me around the school we laughed we played, we kissed, we had fun. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flash back Over~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" you have a very good friend then" Fong said 

" yeah I do, she was the best " He said while looking at me 

oh heck no, what the heck does he by that, don't do this to me, no he's playing with you again, don't believe his lies. I kept telling myself, until Mr. fong interupted my thinking. 

" How about Nikki, what do you want to study" he said 

Alex stared into my eyes and smirk and I responded while looking at him " Social Work" 

You should have seen his face, it was freaking hilarious, he actually thought I was going to say Nursing. Hahahaha ahh life is great, I don' t now what is going on with me right know. 

" Social Work hmm there is more to it, isn't '' Fong said 

" If not Social Work than Criminal Justice to of my top choice, before you aske why, I had experiance with both thats why. " I said 

" cool, not normal for a girl but again you are Nikki" He said 

" what is that suppose to mean" I asked 

" Nikki, you can be girl when you want to, and you dress like a girl but not like a girl girl but more sporty, ok lets just face you rather be the person putting people in the hospital than helping them with injuries." Fong said 

" I blame my brothers, but it's true hahaha" I said while laughing 

" Nikki can you sing ?" Mr. Fong said 

" No." I said quickly 

" Yes she does !!" Maria said 

" SHut up I don't know, how to sing" I said 

" Oh yes she does, I've heard her sing before!!" America said 

" No I don't know how sing" I  said 

" Hmmm I don't believe you Nikki, You are going to me and this class, I'll make sure of it. " Mr. fong said 

" We will see about that" I replied 

" Oh we will" He replied 

" Oh she can play the bass " America said 

" Oh can you now?" Mr. Fong said 

" heck yeah, the bass is my baby!!" I said 

" so why are you more confident that you can play the Bass than Singing?" He asked 

" Because I can actually play the Bass, and I can't sing to save my life" I said 

" shut Up Nikki we all know you can actually sing" America said 

" Yeah, you are always singing along to any song on the radio if not Paramore " Mari said 

" OK class mission make or record Nikki singing, if done they will get extra credit and she will perform in all singing nights we have here." Mr. Fong said 

" Oh great now everybody is going to try to make me sing, well it's not goinmg to work " I said 

" So what are you going to sing in acoustic night, since you will have lost by that time" Fong said 

" Nothing cause I will win" I said 

" Whatever you say Nikki " Mr. fong said 


Hey my little Potatoes !!! It has been a LONG time since I last updated!!! Well I have been busy with all the college process things I have to send and stuff like that. Soccer season still going on so that takes most of my time. We won almsot all our games we have only lost threeand won all the rest except one that we tied. so Soccer season this year has been amazing. I went to Winter Formal it was ok I guess other years have been better. I started to go back to church to keep out of trouble and I have been happier since then.  So sorry for not updating, I will try when things ease off a bit!!! so yeah and guess what you guys Prom is coming up for me, its so close by!! our school is wack and making our prom early, really its a month away its in march !! Ahhh I'm so scared !! and I soon gonna get rejections or acceptence letters from college !!! I'm scared you guys !!! Well thats my litlte update Jenny <3 :P 

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