Breaking Down these Walls

Nikki was one of the funniest, caring, random girl you will ever meet. She is a senior in this not really important academy. Her friends will always see her smiling laughing and just loving life. They knew some things about her life but not all. They don't know what abuse she gets from her family everday, the people that are suppose to love her. Don't get me wrong she does get along with her family and she loves them, but there is switch or a glitch in her family where it turns from love to hate. All she wants in life is love, but sadly she doesn't get it. Instead she gets death glares and verbal abuse from her ex boyfriend Alexander.

Meet Alexander a junior at the same academy as Nikki he was a transfer there junior, but instantly popular. He is part of the "popular crowd" as you may say it. Always getting what he wants; the girls and the fact that he is the first Junior to make captain of the school soccer team. He had a lovely family not, he has a horrible life but when he meets


2. Chapter 2

Nikki's P.O.V. 

There he was standing in front of me, well in sight, he was in the basketball courts. Then it hit me what the hell is he doing here, I thought he went to Hawthrone. He was really serious when he said that he was going transfer to my school. I didn't believe it, but hey he's here in front of me looking directly me. We were staring at eachother that I didn't even notice Ernie there with him, awkward. So I did what any normal person would do. 

" Hey Ernie!!!" I said "Hey Alex." I said again 

" Hey Nikki" Ernie replied but Alex just rolled his eyes and turn around. 

If he wants it to be that way, then let it be that way. I am not going to feel bad for what I did, I did what I thought was right. He just has to take it like a man, but again no one has done what I have done. According to his mind, I have done the unthinkable. Well guess what Alex I dump you sorry ass, so deal with it, you are not going to ruin my life anymore or my reunion with my friends. 

I turn to my friends and gave them a huge hug, oh how much I miss them. They responded with another hug, I swear everyone is staring at us again, well who wouldn't it was a bunch of us in the middle of both fields hugging. C'mon even I would stare if I could, but I can't; instead I'm here being squished by the most incredible people in the world, besides Paramore, you know. 

" Nikki !!! we missed you" Lizzy, Jade, Jess, annd Kelly said in unison 

" well I obviously missed you guys, cause I did not just yell across the field for nothing" I said

" I missed my little sister!! so much!!" Eric said 

" Aww I miss hitting you too, Kelly do I have any reasons to hit him ?" I asked 

" Sadly no." Kelly said 

" Aww man, you got lucky Eric " I replied 

"Finally my partner in crime has return!!" Jose said 

" Hell yeah !! Lets make Carlos life hell !!" I yelled 

" How have you not gotten suspended ?" Jorge asked 

" Well you see Jorgy Boi, the reason I don't get Suspended is because I'm awesome." I said 

" Lies, Nikki Lies !! You not awesome cause I'm awesome" Jade said 

" Hey Josh !!! get your cousin under contol!!" I yelled 

" rude!!" Jade yelled 

" Oh you know I love you " I said 

" sure " She replied 

" I still can get Josh to come here and take you to the trash can " I said 

" And you say I'm cruel " Jade responded and we all laughed 

" So how was Peru?" Maria asked 

" Omg it was incredible!! There was so many places to see that were beautiful, and the weather Amazing !!! And don't get me started on the food, I loved the food, I couldn't get enough of it. " I said 

" Niki, Nikki , Nikki what are we going to do with you . " Jorge said 

" Well you guys better fill up on what happen over the summer !! Since you know I've been out of the country !!! " I yelled at them. 

"Well Eric and I have been going back and forth to my dad house and his parents house." Kelly said 

"Aww so much bus traveling huh ?" I asked 

"Yup, but it's worth it, cause I get to see her" Eric said while kissing the top of her head. 

" Aww too cute! fine Eric I won't hurt you today!" I said 

"Violent much." he said 

"I'm your sister it's my job to hurt you." I said 

" Yeah yeah yeah !" Eric said 

"I spent time at home reading, went to work with my mom at the clinic, and the same usual going to church every night" Jade said 

" Jade !!! you need a party in your life !!" I said 

" I'm good unless it has candy!" she replied 

" Jade when don't party have candy, and if they don't well find a store near by to buy some." I said 

"Yay!" she squealed like a little girl 

"Jorge, Josh, and I did a prank month !!!" Jose says 

"Dude, he's right we took a shopping cart and went through Burger kings drive through and order some food, we went inside to a liquor store and told people we lost our voice, .." -Jorge 

"We called Pizza Hut and asked them if this was Diamonds house and if we could speak to Diamond. when she said no I yelled out Diamond Diamond they don't let me speak with you !! " Josh interrupted Jorge 

" That seems so much fun and I missed out in all of it!!" I said 

" Hell no those were lame, but now that we have you back there are going to be more fun" Jorge said 

"Why can't you guys give Carlos a break?" Jade ask 

" It's more fun to torture family, and before you say anything my torture is just my way of saying me having fun while my cousin chases me around school." I said 

" Only you Nikki, only you!" Jorge said 

"The one and only!!" I yelled 

That what happen until I got a huge pain in my head that it cause my right eye to water Curse my delicate eyes, people always think I'm crying but in reality my eye is actually just watery! I turn around and see Ernie running toward me and Alex smiling right behind me. 

" We are so sorry Nikki we playing basketball and when I pass the ball, Alex missed it and it hit you!! I'm sorry Nikki please don't hate me!" Ernie said 

"It's ok Ernie I don't hate you, I hate someone else but not you" I said 

"Please forgive me Nikki please !!" he kept saying 

"Ernie I find it cute that you want my forgiveness, but it's ok Ernie I'm ok, no harm done." I said with a giggle 

" Are you sure, I can buy you Panda if you want?" he asked

"As tempting as that is, I'm sure it was an 'accident' after all" I said giving Alex the death glare. 

" So it's settle I'm buying you Panda" Ernie said 

"No Ernie save your money, please for me" I said 

"We'll see" he said with a smile aww he's too cute. 

I was about to respond when the bell rang. I guess it's time to say goodbye to my friends and go to class. 

"See you around Nikki" they all said while getting there stuff to get back to class. 

I took out my schedule to see my classes I had: 

1. English 12 
2. Music
3. Government 
4. SRM (Science Research Methods)
5. Engineering Design and Development (PLTW) 
6. Statistics(Senior Math) 

Ok I know classes but don't what schedule I'm in great, I forgot to ask Lucy!! If you don't know what I talking about, well our school has rotating schedule so yup. Awesome, I found Mr.V, the vice principle ironic huh. 

"Hi, Mr.V, I was just wondering what schedule we are in?" I asked 

"I'm guessing you flew in today and you made it to school and being Nikki and all you forgot to ask Lucy and Carlos ." he said 

"Aww Mr.V you know me so well!" I said while wiping away a fake tear. 

"Very funny Nikki, and it's A3, so go on before you're late for first period." he said 

"Kk so you another day Mr. V !!!" I yelled 

" I know !" he said 

So I'm currently walking up the stairs to go to English, and guess what there's traffic! Yup there's traffic going up the stairs and to make it worse it's so tiring. Don't think I'm lazy cause I'm not but these stairs since it takes forever to get through them all it gets very tiring. 

I just notice I've been ranting about stairs. I seriously need a life, I'm lame so what ok back to the story of what's going to happen to me next as I walk into English. 

I was thinking who do I have 1st period, how many have change. when all of the sudden I'm hit by a door. I mean seriously what is it with me greeting hit by objects. 



two chapters in a day hahaha so yeah tell me what you think about it so far I'll update soon I hope hahaha yeah comment below  ~ Jenny <3 :P

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