Breaking Down these Walls

Nikki was one of the funniest, caring, random girl you will ever meet. She is a senior in this not really important academy. Her friends will always see her smiling laughing and just loving life. They knew some things about her life but not all. They don't know what abuse she gets from her family everday, the people that are suppose to love her. Don't get me wrong she does get along with her family and she loves them, but there is switch or a glitch in her family where it turns from love to hate. All she wants in life is love, but sadly she doesn't get it. Instead she gets death glares and verbal abuse from her ex boyfriend Alexander.

Meet Alexander a junior at the same academy as Nikki he was a transfer there junior, but instantly popular. He is part of the "popular crowd" as you may say it. Always getting what he wants; the girls and the fact that he is the first Junior to make captain of the school soccer team. He had a lovely family not, he has a horrible life but when he meets


14. Chapter 14

Alex P.O.V.

I was talking to America on the way down to music and art for her, when I was about to ask her to the dance. I mean the guys said that I have to go to all the school dances as tradition of being in the team. I mean I know I am going to be in the team but seriously dances. So, if I'm going to this dance might as well bring a date right. I wanted to ask Nikki but she was already going with someone else I forgot who it was already. 
Ok so what was I talking about before I got distracted oh yeah America. she was telling me that she hates art and rather be doing music. 
"So why don't you switch to music then." I said 
"I don't think I want to be to be with only seniors." she replied 
I'm serious then why is she complains about it, but since I'm trying something new I said something completely different. 
"You will know me and there's some sophomores and a few juniors." I said 
"Aww that's so sweet I think I might switch then" she said 
"Yeah, you could be with me and...Nikki?" I said 
What the hell was she doing outside waiting. she looked like a lost puppy it was kinda adorable. Before I notice I was walking toward her.

" Hey" I said

" Hey" She replied

" Who you waiting for?" I asked

" Luke" She replied

" He doesn't have music this period." I responded

" He transfer yesterday to our class" She replied

" Oh so why you waiting for him outside?" I asked

" Sweet revenge" She replied

" What did he do?" I said angry

" Chill, im getting revenge so I wont lose a bet" She replied

" Oh what bet?" I asked

" You ask to many questions you know that" She responded

" Hey I'm your friend its my job to ask" I responded trying be nice.

" yeah yeah and how can you forget its the bet they made in class" She said

" really Nikki you lose a bet that fast" I say

" yes I know I was stupid and I blame it on Luke" She replied

" Don't go blaming other people for your mistakes" I said

" Oh shut up you do that" She said

" hey" I proclaim

" I'm sorry Alex I didnt mean it like that I'm sorry" She said

" It's ok I deserve it" I reply

" I'm sorry Alex" She said

She gives me a hug but not just an ordinary hug. she gave me a Nikki hug oh how missed those. She makes you feel like you are the only person in the world who truly understands you. I how I loved this, this moment right here. How could I messed this up, well maybe I can get back together. I was about to ask her to the dance knowing she already had a date when Mr.Fong came out.

" See I knew you guys will end up together" Mr. Fong said

" Fong we are not together" She replied quickly

" sure bob whatever you say" Mr. Fong replied

"We don't like eachother like that, she's like this other guy" I said like if I didn't care.

"oh really is he in this class?" Mr. Fong asked

"no" She replied

" yes, he is actually transfering into this class today " I said playing it cool

" Oh you like Luke ." Mr. Fong said

" who likes Luke?" Luke said 
Talk about bad timing

" No one these people are being crazy." She replied

" Actually..." Mr. Fong was about to tell him it was Nikki but as always she interrupted him.

" Hey Luke we have to talk about somemthing" She said pulling Luke to the side

She pulled him to the side and started to talk to him. Obviously I was not going to stand there and watch that so I went inside with Mr.Fong.

"Better luck next time." Fong told me

"What do you mean?" I replied

"Are you serious, I mean it so obvious you like her." he replied

"No I don't" I replied

" Alex, I may be old but I know how it looks liike when a boy is foolishing in love with a girl." He said

" I don't how I feel Mr. Fong, but she's different" I replied

"Don't we all know that." he said

" What do you mean?" I asked

"Nikki is one of kind, she's just a person but she has this aurora that makes anyone around her feel loved" he said "plus she's my wife sister baby cousin" he continue

"Oh god I thought you were going to say she was your wife" I said

"Heck no !! That's just wrong!! Any time to start class and get those two in here" he said

I sat next to Chris he was a sophomore or something he was pretty quiet. anyway Fong was talking about what we where going to learn for the next few days and stuff. I was spacing out as usual and just thinking what the hell is happening to me. 
Fong said something about playing drums and practicing. I should pay attention more in class.

"Hey Chris, what did he say?" I asked

"Umm he said to get drum sticks and practice on the table before we get to the real drums oh and you can work in pairs" he said

"Cool, hey are you new here ??" I asked

"Yeah, is it that noticeable?" He replied

"Sorta but don't sweat it, I'm new too." I responded

"Dude you don't even look like a transfer." he said

"Really, how?" I asked

"Well they way I see it you are like one of the popular kids or at least well known. You have a lot friends here that it seems that you have known them for years. and the fact that you are really close to Mr. Fong" he explain

"Wow I never knew it looked that way" I said

"Yeah, but I know Luke is new you can straight out tell" he said

"Yeah you can, his accent gives it away." I said

"Yeah he's Australian" he replied

"Well I was wrong I thought he was British" I said

"They have a different hearing to it" he replied

"I guess" I said

"It does charm the girls, but to bad he is charm by one already." he said

"What do you mean?" I asked

" Well he is what girls say good looking and they are all over him. But, if you see how he gives no signs no interest in any of them." he says

I look at him and see what he is talking about. When I look at him he is surrounded by many girls and they are basically throwing themselves at him. Hahaha I mean who couldn't resist girls throwing them. But then I notice what Chris was saying. Luke was talking to them but he wasn't flirting back he was just being nice. He didn't want their attention.

"So who is he charmed by?" I asked

"Well you know I'm new and I don't have friends friends here. But I ran into this girl name Jade she's pretty cool anyway I was in the lunch line one day near her I'm not being creepy here." he said before I interrupted

"So he likes Jade?" I said happy that I might have a chance with Nikki

"No he doesn't, man let me finish. Like I was saying he was jumping the line to meet his friends Jade and this other girl who I later found out it was Nikki and man you should have seen how they are. they particularly already act like a couple and they will be soon. After they admit they have feelings for each other." he continue explaining

I just look over again to Luke and see him and Nikki messing around. They were laughing and goofing off. He was giving his full attention toward her. He was making her laugh again. That should be me. I was pissed but I needed to get this off my mind.

" Are you a journalist?" I asked

"No, but gossip goes around and that's part of the reason why I now things." he replied

"Nice what do you do for free time?" I asked

"I feel like I'm being interview and I play basketball or soccer whichever I'm feeling like to do." he answer

"Nice are you going to join the school team?" I asked

"Maybe" he said

" You my friend are going to join the team and we will be good friends" I said

" Fine by me" He responded 

We started to practice the drums first and I was not getting the hang of it, which frustrated me. As a little kid my dad said I had to be the best at everything I do. Perfection was the key to success and it is a very stressful job to keep that. I would always be doing my best but nothing will please him. 

"Dude relax you are over thinking it." Chris said 

" What do you mean?" I asked 

" Chill" He said 

" How are you doing it" I asked 

" years of practice" He responded 

"You've been playing since you were younger huh" I aked 

"yup, just find your own beat" He said 

" That sounded so.. cheesy" I said 

" I know that was so stupid, but it did get you to relax a bit" He responded 

" true, true haha ok so how does it go again?" I asked 

Then he spend a few minutes showing the beat that fong wanted. He showed how it was first then slow, then at a regular pace again. Then I have to do that at first it was hard, but it got easier for me. I still do not have the hang of it but i am getting better. Chris is cool thing I hope he makes it to the soccer team he will be good for the team. I'm spacing out of again about soccer I always do that, anyway I hear something in the back, but by the way the girl is speaking I already know its Nikki. I turn around and see her and Fong "arguing" as always. I will admitt it is kind of funny to see them fight, they always say the stupidest thing ever. It's like my personal comedy drama front row and live at the same time. 

Nikki's P.O.V

I swear I am going to kiil Fong!! I mean seriously how could he do that and in front of the class ahh he is a dead man I know his wife and I am not afriad to use her against him. Oh where are my manners you want to know what he did to embrassed me in class. I swear he is a little kid sometimes. So I'm going to take to a few minutes ago and what happen. I was talking to Luke and messing around with him as usual I mean who wouldn't expect that from me. I understand the Freshman don't know me like that but still with the few days I have been here they should get the hint right?? Ok back to the story of Fong because  I was getting distracted right now. I was messing with Luke that he is going to end up alone and then he told me I was going to be crazy cat lady but instead of cats it will be bands. He thinks i am obssess with bands and going to concerts, but what can I say I am a concert baby. And then Fong comes along. 

" So lovebirds how is going for you guys over here"  Fong asked 

I was going to answer when I realize what he actually said 

" We are doing just fine" Luke answers 

" Oh hell no!! I am not with Luke and we are not love birsd!!" I may have yelled 

" You say that now" Fong replied 

" That makes no sense" I said 

" Nikki we know you like Luke and he likes you and that you guys are together" He replied 

" and Engage" Luke adds Luke ADDS!! 

"What the hell is going on here" I said 

" that you are getting married with luke" Fong replied 

" And we are going to move out of the country and live in my hometown" Luke keeps adding and laughing I swear they are going to kill me. 

" whoa whoa whoa I am not eloping with him" I said pointing at Luke 

" Oh yes you are honey, I cant marry you and you be here and I be there" Luke replied 

" I swear Luke you are a dead man when we get out of this class" I said 

" dont worry man, all she is going to do is kill you with kisses" Fong said 

"FONG!!!!" I yelled 

" aww she's shy" Fong told luke 

"oh my gosh I am not in love with him!!" I yelled  

" I never said that" Fong said 

" You implied it Fong" I said 

" I know, I know, but you can't denied you think he is cute" He asked 

" I have already discussed this with you Luke and I am not about to do it again" I said looking toward Luke 

" Nikki" Luke said 

" No you are not about to do this to me again" I said 

"Please for me" Luke said but with the puppy eyes PUPPY EYES I swear he wants me to ugh I cant with him right now. 

"UM argh grr... I freaking hate you Luke" I said 

" C'mon Nikki I know you Love me" He replied 

" I'm going to hurt you " I said 

"That is not what I wanted to hear" He said 

" Fine Luke you are freaking Adorable" I said 

"No no that is not what we agreed on" Fong butts in 

"I'm telling your wife" I replied. 

"Stop being a baby and man up" Fong said 

"Yeah and i'm not a puppy to be adorable" Luke said 

I swear sometimes Luke is a child who is I cant even explain Luke He's a kid.

"Fine Luke, you...are..cute" i said 

"What's that I couldn't hear you" Luke said 

"You ar freaking cute, Luke!!!" I partically yelled and if I didn't have everyone attention I did now. 

"See doesn't it feel good to admit it?" Fong said 

I did not want to even respond to that I just went outside to cool down a little bit because no one needs to see that side of me. No one has ever seen mad, they think they have but thats me actually holding back my anger. My true anger has never been revealed to my friends and I hope they do. After a few minutes of cooling down I went back in but with a plan. I swear I can't believe I'm about to this, but it will show Fong not to mess with me. But, I'm not going to take all the credit for this it just popped in to my head cause I was think of Demi Lavato and that got me thinking of Sonny With A chance. So I walked in class with a smile on my face and I looked over at Luke and I saw him gulp I think he thought he was about to be killed by me in front of all these students. Then I looked at Fong and I think he knew what I sorta was going to be doing, key word sorta. So let's play his little game for right now.

"So nikki" Fong said

"Yes Fong?" I asked

"Have you realized your feelings towards Luke?" He said thinking he will get the same reaction

" Yes, Fong I went outside to really think about it and I realized that I am very attracted to Luke. Oh Luke you know what I will elope with you and move to hometown." I said sarcastically but my sarcasm doesn't always sound sarcastic. I think the Freshman thought I was going crazy, actually I think everyone thought I had gone insane or something. Except America she was laughing her mind off because only she and I relate to craazy dinsey shows, bands, boy crushes. So she knew I had something planning That is why I love that chick. 

" Prove it"Fong said 

"OK" I replied

I start to walk over toward where Luke was sitting at and I swear her was kinda of scared and this is why no one mess with me. Don't get me wrong I like him but hell I will be performing acoustic night before he ever finds out. So when I get to where he was which by the was not a far walk I lean in first to his ear and whisper:

"This is why you don't mess with Nikki about eloping Luke, here is my revenge, dont worry I won't actually kiss you" I said 

Oh his face was priceless before he could say anything I use my body to block certain people view and I put my hand over his mouth and basically kissed my own hand but to Fong it looked like I had just kissed him. I swear his reaction was nothing I actually expected. When I turned around Fong was so happy, can you believe that he was happy Happy. I swear I have the weiredest teachers ever. 

"Yes, finally you guys are together and no you guys can run for everthing in all the school dances oh I could not be so much proud in my myself." Fong said and that was all America could hold in. 

She bursted into laughter like pure on laugh attack in the middle of class and ruining Mr. Fong fairy godmother moment. 

"America why are you having a full on laugh attack in my class?" Fong asked 

" caused you just got Sony With A Chance" She said in pure laughter

"What are you talking about?" Fong asked 

"Well you see that is a tv show and Sonny does this trick where she puts her hand over Chads mouth and kisses her own hand making everyone think she just kissed Chad." America explain

"Why would you do this to me Nikki" Fong pretend to be hurt I hope he was pretending 

"Fong, you should let me and Nikki fall for eachother on our own pace, trust we know there is some kind of chemistry between us already and if its meant to be, well its meant to be. Nikki is a wonderful girl who can make anyone smile or fear for thier lives depending how you treat her and her friends or if she's someone mistreating anyone...point is Nikki is one of kind and it be stupid of someone letting her go cause they just left the most amazing person behind. And for voting for homecoming king and queen and for prom and for winterfoaml and all the dances poeple could still vote for us because I already made a promise to this pretty lady here that I will take her to all the dances" Luke said 

Freaking Luke this is why I like him he so sweet and he makes me feel like I'm his princess as cheesey as that might sound but he does make me feel that way and it makes blush. Oh I'm so glad we ran into eachother literley. I so glad I met him, but who in the right mind will ever say I'm still getting him back for this. 

" I swear you guys need to hurry up and get together cause you guys will be the perfect couple." Maria said 

I swear I have the weirdest friends ever and they all are going to pay for this maybe not america but the rest will. That reminds I am very thankful that Jade was not here to witness this cause she would have made everything ten times worse. The bell finally rang and I could already imagine next period everyone is going to be talking about this. Dang this small school and eveyone knowing everyone. I look over to where Alex was at and he was pissed I swear he is always angry, but we where trying to be nice to eachother so I go up to him and try to talk to him, but what heppens next hurts me. I grabbed his shoulder to tell him to turn around he pushes me off and walks off. That just hurt and it made me get a flash back about him 


It was sophomore year and it was after school and I decided to go with Andres to the liquor store in front of the school to buy snack to take to his place to do homework, since I was his study buddy. Anyway I saw Alex and he had been pissed that I told Silvia, I did not know why he was mad I told him I wanted to be the one that told her about us and he said ok. I told Andres that I would meet him by the emlementry school and he said ok, because he was deciding between getting a croissant or not. So I run up to the light where Alex was at and call out for him. 

"Alex" I said but no response 

"Alex" I repeat, but still no response.

Then I grab his arm to turn him around to tell him what the hell is his problem when he pushes me off and gives me the get away from, I dont want to ever speak to you look. That hurt me so much but I was not going to take that look for an answer I was going to get an answer from him. When we already cross the street he started to speed walk fast past my school and I chased right after him. When we got to the conner of the elementry I pulled him to one of the sides where people could not see us. And I tried pinning him against the wall, keyword tried because before you know it he was pinning me against the wall.

"Can't you see I dont want to see you ever again" He said with a tight grip

"What did I do" I said stupidly 

" you told her" He said 

" I told you I was" I said 

" No you didn't" He replied 

" I said you don't tell her, because I want to be the one that tells her" I replied

" You never said that" He responded 

" Yes I did!!" I yelled 

" well to bad you told her already and we are no longer together" He said 

" Why" I asked 

" because you cant keep your mouth shut" He said 

" I told you" I said 

" drop it" He respnded 

"No!!" I said before getting interrupted by him 

" Get away from me I don't want to see you ever again" He said 

"Asshole" Is all I said 

He left me there for the first time and it couldn't help but to cry, when Andres came he saw that I was upset and he did all he could to cheer me up that day.

FlashBack over 

What upset him this time I though we were getting along again, ugh I just want to cry right now. No Nikki you can't show no emotion. You are stronger than that, I told myself but for somereason I couldn't listen to myself. I left the classroom and headed to the direction to the bathrooms but before I even got there I got pulled into a hug that was so familiar to me from the beginning of summer. His hug felt so comforting to me, he pulled me into the guy restroom and locked it knowing that no one uses that bathroom until lunch. He held me there while I broke down he knew things about me but not alot because I am afraid of what he would think of it. But he has seen me broke down before and thankfully he knew how to cheer me up. Why do I have to feel weak, I hate that feeling so much weakeness. I have to remember what my dad has always told me, never show weakness and no one will bring you down. But right now at this moment I was losing the battle, but Luke was making feel safe.



Hey you guys It has been a long time since I updated, well it has been a month. But do not hurt me College is hard and I just finish my first semester and I'm to overwhelmed, stressed and al that, but thankfully this can take off some pressure. Anyway it also took me a long time to write because I was having writers block anf well we all not how that is. So I am apologizing for the short read today, I hope youo guys enjoy it and like it. I hope you guys have a great winter vaction and enjoy the time you have off school, because I know I am going to enjoy my time off school and its horrible assingments. Oh a little side note I realized it a while ago but for some reason I havent acknoledge it but I do have to Americas in this story if its confusing let me now so I can change one name or give them a nick name. I am trying you guys and I will get better at it ok, if you want to show your love leave a comment below vote for it or like it. And no this is not a 5sos fanfic I know I am using their names but this is not a fanfic promise okay. Enjoy your chapter and I will see you next time love y'all <3 Jenny

p.s. sorry for the horrible grammar

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