Breaking Down these Walls

Nikki was one of the funniest, caring, random girl you will ever meet. She is a senior in this not really important academy. Her friends will always see her smiling laughing and just loving life. They knew some things about her life but not all. They don't know what abuse she gets from her family everday, the people that are suppose to love her. Don't get me wrong she does get along with her family and she loves them, but there is switch or a glitch in her family where it turns from love to hate. All she wants in life is love, but sadly she doesn't get it. Instead she gets death glares and verbal abuse from her ex boyfriend Alexander.

Meet Alexander a junior at the same academy as Nikki he was a transfer there junior, but instantly popular. He is part of the "popular crowd" as you may say it. Always getting what he wants; the girls and the fact that he is the first Junior to make captain of the school soccer team. He had a lovely family not, he has a horrible life but when he meets


13. Chapter 13

Nikki's POV

After she got back from buying Ice cream 

N: yes mom

M: you sure

N: mom I just went to buy ice cream

M: you not lying

N: I have the receipt

M: that doesn't mean anything

N: ok mom I was out with my boyfriend Taylor he's 23 years old and he's in band and has tattoos and piercings.

M:que niña mas malcriada!! Que voy hacer contigo

N: mom!! I was just playing around !! I went with my friends !!

M: you sure you're not lying?

N: yes mom

M: ok then go do your homework

N: I have crazy mother !!!

M: and I have a crazier daughter !!

I went to my room I love playing around with my mother. it's so fun just messing with her. Her face when I told her Taylor was my boyfriend and he was 23 and he had tattoos !! Haha I still don't know how she didn't catch on. Like seriously it's Taylor York from Paramore !! I'm always talk about him to her !!

My mother is so adorable !! That reminds me I got to bother Jade !!! I get my laptop and turn it on and FaceTime her. While it said it was calling her she rejected my call. What the heck Jade I'm suppose to be your best friend !! I call her again and this time she does answer and she got a piece of my mind !!

"What the heck Jade !! Why would you decline my call !!" I yelled

" cause I wanted to !!" she laughed and yelled

"I see how it is you have another best friend!! fine this friendship is over!!" I yelled

"No no I was kidding Nikki !! Jade yelled

"No no you already made your decision this friendship is over!!" I yelled again

"Nikki !! I'm sorry I will never decline your call!!" she said

"No you fake friend" I said

"Nikki, really fake friend" she said

"Yes really you are #fakefriend" I said

"You are stupid sometimes." Jade laugh

"Yeah yeah yeah so are you that's why we are best friends." I replied

"What up" Jade said

"So Alex apologize for everything" I said

"Nikki please tell me you are not back together with him" she said

"No no we are just friends" I said

"Do you still love him?" she asked

"No, but I care for him." I said

"What do you mean" she asked

"I mean even though he hurt me so bad, I am always care for him. After all he was a big part of my life." I said

"Nikki you do have a heart" Jade said

"Jerk" I replied

"Shut up you love me" Jade replied

" No I don't I love Taylor!!" I yelled 

" Paramore Freak!!" She yelled 

" shut up !!" I said 

" I feel bad for your future boyfriend" She said 

" Not even he's going to love me" I said 

" Poor boy he's going to have to suffer listening to you talk about Paramore" She said 

" hey is probably going to have some artist that he loves and I'm going to have to hear about it as well, so it's fair" I said 

" Yeah but you are a girl" She said 

" what is that suppose to mean" I asked 

" you will go crazier for the band compareed to him." she said 

" Not unless it his band, I'll be their number one fan!!" I said 

" how do you know he has a band" Jade asked 

" Well he propbably start of in youtube and then become famous, but is ok because I would have been there from the beginning" I said 

" You have a crazy imagination " Jade said 

" I know I know, I'm just kidding I'm marrying an Alpha !!" I said 

" Yes, Axel!!" She responded 

" We are so stupid" I said 

" Yes!! we are, I mean seriously we would only imagine our selves marring fictional characters." Jade said 

" Right !! " I said 

" Hey nikki, gotta go I got to get ready for church" Jade said 

" Yeah yeah I know byee" I said 

" Peace" Jade said 

After I was done Facetiming Jade I actually started to do my homework, I was surprised with myself I never do that. I waste my time watching Netflix or watching Youtubers or listening to music. Ok I make exuses to not start my homework early. When I was finally done with my homework it was about six and I seriously had no idea what to do. I do not want to be in the house right know I want go out and have some fun. Yeah right I am not like that, but I did not want to be in house today I just had a bad feeling for today. I felt my phone vibrate on the bed when I saw the notification it was a text from Mason. 

Mase: We need to talk meet me at the place. 

Me: What's wrong 

Mase: It's better if I tell you in person 

Me: fine be there in a bit.

Mase: Ok see you in five 

I put my phone away and changed into something comfortable I was not about to leave my house still wearing my uniform. I put on jeans a random shirt with a hoodie, oh how much I love my hoodies. 

"Mom!! I'm going to the liquor to buy some donuts !!" I yelled

" No way it's dark outside, you can get kidnapped. " My mom replied 

" I have pepper spray, bye mom." I replied 

I walked outside and walk toward the place I was going to meet Mason. It wasn't really far it was in alley, but I used the second entrance to the alley better it was safer. I saw some people I use to hang out with and they just parted ways wich led to Mason. 

" Mason whats wrong?" I asked 

" You and Alex" Mason said 

" What about Alex?" I asked 

" Nikii do you think I'm stupid, I know about you and Alex" Mason replied 

" What exactly do you know about Alex and I?" I asked angerly 

" That you guys are going out again." He responded 

" we're going out, did someone hit you in head that made you think crazy." I replied 

" Don't act clueless, I saw you with him today all giggly and stuff." He replied 

" You saw me, so you are still spying on me!! Don't you trust me" I asked him 

" Nikki you're going out with him and you didn't tell us." he said 

" Mason you dont have the right to spy on me and you can't tell me who to date or not." I said 

" Nikki you know the rules" He said 

" what rules you treat me like if I was in your pack when I'm not." I replied

" We have to protect you" He said

" Protect me from what Mason, my friends" I said 

" From Alex you know he is bad for you" He said 

" Mason look Alex and I are not going out he is just my friend. Even if we were going out you can not tell me not to go out with him. This my freaking messed up life and if I want to mess it up, let me. I am tired of people telling who I can hang out with me. Seriously stop treating me like if ran with your pack because I don't. I dont want to be under control by your rules." I said 

" You know I'm only doing this for your safety, He left me in charge of you." He said 

"Tell him I'm a big girl, I don't need his help." I said 

" Nikki!!" He yelled 

" By Mason call me when you're not acting like a jerk" I said 

I walked out on him and actually went to the liquor store to buy me some donuts. Then I started to walk back home and lay in bed to listen to music or watch movies. That didn't happen thoug I was reaally pissed and I didn;t want anyone talking to me. Lets make this worse I came back to an angry father yelling at me for walking to the liquor store. He thought I was out buying alcohol when I just went to buy donuts and get angry with Mason. I wasn't in the mood to hear him yelling so I pass by him, went into my room, locked the door and went under the bed. 

My bed was huge, but what my parents didn't know is that my room had a secret room beneath it and that's why I chose that room. The hidden door was under my bed so I oepn it and went down, well you can say it was a basement. I went down there and hung the punching bag, I remember my cousin will always punch the bag when he got angry. It was the only way he could contorl his anger without hurting anyone. He tuaght me boxing, but to punch the bag the strongest because he didnt want me hurting other people unless I was in real danger. He always looked out for me, he was like my older brother, I miss him. 

It's been a long time since I last saw or heard about him. I'm not allowed to see him no more, my father think he is a bad influence for me. My dad doesn't seem to get the people I hang out with are the people I trust the most, because they get what I have been through. They don't know my story even if they think they are part of my life. If they only knew half of story they wil see how damage I am, I share my story only to the people that I am really close to or to those who have been through the same thing. 

I punch the bag pretending it was everyne who hurt me in past, everyone who told who I am suppose to be, who i can hang out with and I cant, everyone who does not believe in me. I punch that bag like if my life depended on it. I was so angry, but punching the bag seem to help me clam down, it was my stress reliever. I was happy now but all sweaty so I need a shower now, i go back to my room and I hear my mother telling me to open the door. I get my stuff ready to take a shower and let her in and she was concerned. 

" Why didn't you open the door?" She asked 

" I fell asleep with my music on, I needed to calm down and I didn't want to get into more trouble." I lied 

" How many times did I tell you not to fall asleep with your earphones on and locking your door." She replied.

" Sorry mom, I want to take a shower" I replied 

" OK fine, no more sleeping with your earphones" She warned me 

~taking a shower~ 
~after the shower~

 I got into my room and jump into bed and thought about my day. It was one crazy bipolar day. I spend the first half day arguing with Alex than the rest of the day with him. I swear I think I need help. My phone went off, it was a text from Luke. 

L: Nikki Sorry I blurted out on you, I'm just scared that I won't play. Please forgive me, I'll take you to your favorite place. 

N: Bribing me now for forgiveness 

L: Sorry :( 

N: Luke I'm playing around, who couldn't forgive you.

L: Many people, but your forgiveness is the only one I care for 

N: Aww I feel special \(o^.^o)/ 

L: You should hahaha 

N: I'm your special friend 

L: Yes Nikki you're my special Friend

N: Hey jerk !! 

L: I'm Kidding you my unicorn 

N: Unicorn ??

L: A rare beautiful creature 

N: It's so fluffy I'm going to die!! 

L: Ruin the moment Nikki

N: Sorry it was cute I just didn't know how to respond

L: Its ok Nikki cause yu my date to the dance and maybe to all the dance 

N: You asking me to all the dances 

L: Maybe 

N: Luke Lke Luke what am I going to do with you 

L: Sing with me 

N: What?

L: In acoustic Night sing with me 

N: I don't know Luke

L: C'mon Nikki it will be fun 

N: I'll think about it 

L: So that's a yes 

N: Luke 

L: Trust me Nikki you will be singing with me that day I promis you 

N: What you mean 

L: You will soon find out

N: Luke!!

L: Bye unicorn gotta go back to training 

N: I'll get you Luke 

After my conversation with Luke I was still confuse on what he meant that I'm going to sing with him on Acoustic Night. I mean one i'm dealing with Mr. Fong about singing and two there is a bet that goes along with it for me to sing. I mean I can't because I will lose the bet. Two how the hell does he know I can ... Crap.

What the hell did I do, dang it Luke why do you have to be freaking cute that I forgot about the bet. Maybe he doesn't have any proof and I can easily persuade Jade, so I'm good right. I hope there is no proof I will be doom. I swear Luke if you have proof you are a dead man, you won't see graduation. That really made no sense anyway Luke is a deadman. Maybe i can convince him, there is no point he's like an Alpha in werewolve stories. I need a plan and a good one. Someone Help me! 


Hey guys!! It's been two weeks sorry for not updating the first week I got aastuck and last week I got sick but I'm better now!! Nothing is new in college life except I have my midterm for sociology next week, I'm scared!! I made awesome friends they are so funny!! I've been going to the gym lately, my replacement for soccer. I hope you liked this chapter and someone should help come up with a plan. I am hoping you are likig the stoy also I try my best and I am getting better at speliing words. Anyway hope you had a good day or a goodnight sleep. Enjoy and remember I love you guys !! bye!! ~ Jenny 

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