Breaking Down these Walls

Nikki was one of the funniest, caring, random girl you will ever meet. She is a senior in this not really important academy. Her friends will always see her smiling laughing and just loving life. They knew some things about her life but not all. They don't know what abuse she gets from her family everday, the people that are suppose to love her. Don't get me wrong she does get along with her family and she loves them, but there is switch or a glitch in her family where it turns from love to hate. All she wants in life is love, but sadly she doesn't get it. Instead she gets death glares and verbal abuse from her ex boyfriend Alexander.

Meet Alexander a junior at the same academy as Nikki he was a transfer there junior, but instantly popular. He is part of the "popular crowd" as you may say it. Always getting what he wants; the girls and the fact that he is the first Junior to make captain of the school soccer team. He had a lovely family not, he has a horrible life but when he meets


10. chapter 10

Nikki's P.O.V

Someone has put there hands over my mouth and pulled me to the other side of the street. At that moment I thought I might die or be raped or something bad could happen to me. My screams were muffled and no one was around to see this. There was no one to see my kidnapping, what if my mom thinks I ran away; I can't put her through that pain. It wasn't until I heard the kidnapper voice I realized who it was. It wasn't an old perverted man in his thirties or 20 for the matter of fact. No instead it was a teenage boy who is going to lose his testicles as soon as I break free from him. I do what Mason taught me, I stomp on his toe, bite his hand, and turn around and slap the hell out of him. OK the last part was just me Mason told me to run for life or kill him.

"What the hell Alex I thought you were going to kill me!!" I yell

" F' you" He yelled from the floor in pain

" Well that's what you get" I replied

" I didn't do anything wrong" He replied still on the ground

" dude I thought you were going to kidnap me, like who the hell does that!!" I say

" Well I was calling out your name and you didn't turn around" He said

" Well I had earphones on, what did you expect me to do. Say hey I think Alex is trying to talk to me, let me turn around and see what he is trying to tell me." I tell him

"Well you don't have To be sarcastic about it." he says getting up

"Here get up." I said giving my hand so he can get up

"Thanks sorry for scaring you" he said

"Whatever, what do you want " I say remembering what he said earlier.

"Nikki listen about earlier..." he tried saying

"Alex don't ok what you said was wrong and ..." I tried saying

"No you listen Nikki I'm sorry I took it to far. I should have never believed the rumors. I'm sorry Nikki I know I screwed up a lot but I do want to be friends. sorry I acted like jerk the first few days. I just guess you were the first to break up with me and I wanted you to suffer. But I was taught right and I should never assumed you were cheating either way it wasn't my business please forgive and give me a chance to be your friend. " he said

"One chance Alex one chance that all you get ok and I forgive you. " I tell him

"Thanks Nikki and for scaring you to death how about I buy you ice cream ... it's chocolate ice cream" he said

"Deal" I respond quickly

We walk together like old times before we were goin out and to say it felt nice it did I was at peace. he was making me laugh how he says that he is goin to take down Pablo as captain in soccer. Oh heck yeah that would be awesome Pablo annoys me sometimes but he can be nice when he feels like it to. I just hate when they don't act like who they are. We went to the ice cream shop right around the corner from my house and we sat there just talking how we want to improve the soccer team as well to win the CIF Finals. We were having a good time till Luke came in and he didn't seem happy.

"Hi Luke !!!" I said cheerful hoping he won't be mad at whatever he was mad at.

"Hi, Nikki what are you doing here" He asked

" Oh Alex bought me Ice cream for being a jerk to me today" I said

" Alex as in Alex " He said

" Yeah..." I said trying to explain

" Nikki please don't be dumb and start going out with him, because I swear if he hurts you I will hurt him" He said

" Luke, you can't get in trouble remember that and no we are going to try to be friends as stupid as that might seem. Trust me on this I don't want to go out with him no more." I said

" so you thought about it" He responded

" No Luke, chill out I don't know why you are so mad today, you happy in lunch now look at you." I told Luke

" Sorry Nikki just that I got back from the doctor and they told me if my results are bad from my tests I won't be able to play soccer this year. There's a reason why I came to america and thats to play and I hope that I do." He explain

" Luke have faith ok, you will play in this school year and you help get us to CIFS ok I believe in you, but you have to have faith." I tell him

" Thanks Nikki" He says and gives me a hug

"Nikki I think we should be going" Alex intrurrupts our hug

Luke just gives him a glare that I can't explain I wonder how its going to be in try outs when they both find out they want the same titled.

" Luke I'll see you tomorrow ok" I said to him

" Yeah bye Nikki" He says

I'm walking out with Alex when we run into the junior America and she gives me this death glare, I don't understand why... oh yeah Alex

"Something wrong" I asked her

"Hi Alex what ya doing here?" she asked

Oh heck No I'm no invisible person !!

"Hey Americ..." Alex tried to say

"Hey if you have a problem with me tell me, don't go i don't like you so I'm going to pretend you not here" I said

She just stared at me like I was crazy

"Great... umm America this is Nikki she's ..." he tried saying again

"I'm the one who wants respect... and let's be cleared he is not boyfriend he is a jerk who bought me ice cream. Im not his girlfriend, I'm the one who got rocky road ice cream cause I was hungry ok" I said

" Whatever... so Alex you wanna hang out?" she asked him

She ignore me again oh heck no this girl is getting it, who does she think she is. I was about to punch her when Alex stop me

"Sorry America not today, I'm going to have to walk miss Rocky Road back home before she gets into trouble " Alex said

"Fine." She said

We starting walking back and I started laughing and Alex had this look that thought I was crazy.

"Miss Rocky Road Really?" I asked him

"You started it" he said

"How?" I replied

"How!! ohh I'm the one that got ice cream cause I'm hungry !!" he said trying to mock me

"Hey it's her fault for ignoring me and thinking I was with you!!" I said

"Ouch you don't sugar coat it do you? " he said

"Alex we are friends well trying to be friends "I said

"I know I know so Luke huh" he said

"What about Luke he's my friend " I said

"Sure Nikki I see how you look at him. hey how did you meet him I know he ain't from here by his accent" he said

" I met him somewhere it's a story for another day but you can say he's like my guy best friend. " I said with a smile

"He's amazing huh" Alex said

I give him this look like what the heck are you talking about

"Damn it so close for you to admit you like him" he said

"I don't like him!" I said

"Stop lying to yourself Nikki" he said

" Alex Alex how about you and America" I said trying to switch up the conversation

"Nothing is happening she likes me but I don't like her yet " he said

"Yet?" I asked

" I like her but I don't know if I like her like her" he said

"Ohh" is all I could say

"Yeah hahaha still have unfinished business to take care before I want to settle down" he said

"Sounds like you're in a gang" I said

"Looks who's talking " he replied

" I don't know what you're talking about" I replied

"Mason" he said

" I don't know who that is" I said

"Nikki I saw you with him in May " he responded

"Spying on me now" I said

"Nikki he's ..." he tried saying

"What Alex that he's bad for me !! I shouldn't be around him!! he's not bad as you guys think!! " I yelled

"Nikki he gives a bad vibe ... just be careful around him. please." he said

"Don't worry he has my back, he always does" I said

"When are you going to tell me the story?" He asked

"About Luke or Mason" I said

"Both" he said

" Someday Alex someday" I responded

"You've change" he said

"Well can you blame me " I said

" Nikki just don't get hurt" he said

"I won't" i replied

"Good cause now you own me food" he replied

"Fat Ass" I said

" Nikki you are the one that eats more than me" he said

"Hey I'm growing child I have to eat !!" I said

"Haha Nikki what am I going to do with you" he said

"Adore me feed me yeah feed me " I said

"Freaking Nikki !! well it was nice to talk to you again " he said

"Yeah it was " I responded

" Until next time Rocky Road!!" he said

"Bye Alex " I said

I got into my room and jump into bed and thought about my day. It was one crazy bipolar day. I spend the first half day arguing with Alex than the rest of the day with him. I swear I think I need help. My phone went off, it was a text from Luke. 

L: Nikki Sorry I blurted out on you, I'm just scared that I won't play. Please forgive me, I'll take you to your favorite place. 

N: Bribing me now for forgiveness 

L: Sorry :( 

N: Luke I'm playing around, who couldn't forgive you.

L: Many people, but your forgiveness is the only one I care for 

N: Aww I feel special \(o^.^o)/ 

L: You should hahaha 

N: I'm your special friend 

L: Yes Nikki you're my special Friend

N: Hey jerk !! 

L: I'm Kidding you my unicorn 

N: Unicorn ??

L: A rare beautiful creature 

N: It's so fluffy I'm going to die!! 

L: Ruin the moment Nikki

N: Sorry it was cute I just didn't know how to respond

L: Its ok Nikki cause yu my date to the dance and maybe to all the dance 

N: You asking me to all the dances 

L: Maybe 

N: Luke Lke Luke what am I going to do with you 

L: Sing with me 

N: What?

L: In acoustic Night sing with me 

N: I don't know Luke

L: C'mon Nikki it will be fun 

N: I'll think about it 

L: So that's a yes 

N: Luke 

L: Trust me Nikki you will be singing with me that day I promis you 

N: What you mean 

L: You will soon find out

N: Luke!!

L: Bye unicorn gotta go back to training 

N: I'll get you Luke 

After my conversation with Luke I was still confuse on what he meant that I'm going to sing with him on Acoustic Night. I mean one i'm dealing with Mr. Fong about singing and two there is a bet that goes along with it for me to sing. I mean I can't because I will lose the bet. Two how the hell does he know I can ... Crap.


A/N Hey guys!! its been two weeks since I last updated, I'm sorry  I have a lot of hw to do cause you no college aint easy but I'm trying. I'm going to try to update either fridays or tuesday cause I either dont have class or I get out at noon. SO yeah but college has been fun!! I get along with all my roomate!! i SHOULD BE FINISHING MY  HW right now but I got really tired of doing math so I was like lets update and see if that can count as my break. Hey I updated hahaha !! I'm enjoying my time here in the valley its hotter from where I live but its cool. OMG my neighbors dorm niegbors had a party while I was trying to hw !! I manage to get my work done in time though sorta haha. ok enough about me I KNOW IT WAS SHORT BUT iwas in a rush cause I have to get back to my hw. enjoy it favorite it vote for it leave comments suggestions!! ok bye guys until next time !! <3 jenny 

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