Breaking Down these Walls

Nikki was one of the funniest, caring, random girl you will ever meet. She is a senior in this not really important academy. Her friends will always see her smiling laughing and just loving life. They knew some things about her life but not all. They don't know what abuse she gets from her family everday, the people that are suppose to love her. Don't get me wrong she does get along with her family and she loves them, but there is switch or a glitch in her family where it turns from love to hate. All she wants in life is love, but sadly she doesn't get it. Instead she gets death glares and verbal abuse from her ex boyfriend Alexander.

Meet Alexander a junior at the same academy as Nikki he was a transfer there junior, but instantly popular. He is part of the "popular crowd" as you may say it. Always getting what he wants; the girls and the fact that he is the first Junior to make captain of the school soccer team. He had a lovely family not, he has a horrible life but when he meets


1. Chapter 1

Nikki's P.O.V. 

Stupid, stupid, stupid plane, why the hell did it have to be freakin delay, I would have been with my friends right now!! Asking them how they spent their summer and well just being reunited with them again. Instead I'm waiting in line to get out of the air port and I still have to get my luggage. If you wondering why I'm mad at the airport for delaying my flight, well it's because I'm late for school. I know what you may be think, why do want to go to school, well I already miss 3 days of school and if you go to my school missing one day of school it's like missing a week of school. Also it's my senior year and I haven't seen my friends in like 2 months !!! Two months without seeing your friends is hell!! So here I am waiting for the lady to call us over, so she can attend us and there is no hope with phone. my phone was still disconnected, so I wasn't able to use it until at least noon, I hope. I'm dying to see my friends it been too long !! they don't even know that I coming back today!! They think I coming back on Friday, well they are in for a surprise!! Finally we make it to our luggage, we find ours very quickly and go outside to find a taxi. Oh yeah my mother doesn't even know we here already my dad is going to surprise her while I'm at school. 

People where starring at me, wonder why, well it could be that I'm a teenage girl wearing my school uniform waiting for a taxi outside the airport. Nothing weird there, my dad was getting annoyed that there was no taxis where they where suppose to be. When we found a taxi we headed to the academy of science, math, and technology. I wanted to get there already !!! We drove familiar places that I haven't seen in months Rally's, Panda Express, Little Cesar's, Pollo Loco, etc. Ok I might love food and eating but as my friends say ' you eat like for two people and gain no weight !! where does it all go !!!' Can't wait to see my friends it's lunch time already I think so I'm only going for two classes, I should stay at home, but I can't stand one more day with out seeing them. 

We arrive at my school and my prediction was correct it was lunch time, well just a few minutes into lunch but hey who's complaining. The taxi comes to a stop in front of the school and as students arrive to the lunch line, I get weird looks from students. Like seriously who comes to school during lunch in a taxi, well only me. As I made my way out of the Taxi and got my backpack from the trunk and turn to my father an said " goodbye dad, see you later " . With that I crossed the street and walk to the office, Lucy is the only one here today weird, they must be in a meeting. 

"Hey sweetie, how was your trip ?" Lucy asked 

"It went incredible, but I missed home" I replied 

"You better miss us, I started to worry that you weren't coming back to us. " Lucy said 

" I will never leave you guys !!! Once a panther always a panther !! hahaha !! plus it's my senior year !!" I said 

" So true well go on sweetie, it's your lunch time, go catch up with your friends and mark you an excuse tardy and absences since you where in Peru !! " She said 

" Ok bye Lucy, see you another day !!" I said and got my pass to give out tomorrow to my teachers, so I can turn in my vacation homework. 

Hey there is a reason why one of the tenth best high schools in California. Walking through the hallways near the library I get stares from the underclass men. They look at me like a complete stranger like I didnt belong, oh did I mention that my school is very small and prison looking like. Well, it is so we basically know everyone one that goes there. We are one big 'Familia' with 'ganas y orgullo '. That's why I getting the glares from them. Wow there was a lot of new underclass men !! Like seriously there was a lot and small !!! Aww how cute !! Yeah, I'm not normal, passing by our not so normal library, our Liberian Mr. Cux stops me !! 

" Nikki when did you get back ?" he asked while I got stares from the underclass man. 

"Just about an hour ago, just got out of the airport." I replied 

" and you're not tired ?" He asked 

"yes, I am, but seeing my friends is like something I want to do today . " I answer 

"Nice ok, you know when ever you want cup of noodle soup, you know where to find me " he said 

" I know Mr. Cux !! See you around !!" I said

" Bye, mija see you around" Mr. Cux said 

I was walking around the halls when when I found the hall that led up to the cafertia, hey I love my friends, but a girl got to eat. Even if it is just peanutbetter jelly sandwhich, mini cheese burgers, pizza, etc. I went to the lunch lines, when I saw my very good friend Terminator. 

" What did you do this time ?" he asked me 

" Not even a hi, how are, you're so mean Carlos ?" I say 

" Nicole, you know my name is Mr. Ramirez " he said 

" wow, why so formal?" I asked 

" Its my job, Nicole " he responded 

" aww, c'mon, you know I'm your favorite student." I said 

" you are a trouble maker, I don't know how you still in this school." He replied 

" That hurt, right here" I said pointing to my heart. 

" Aww, c'mon Nikki you know you're my favorite trouble maker " he said 

" Hey, be happy I haven't done anything bad in these three days" I replied

" Ya, cause you weren't in school" he said 

" Shut up, you know you like chasing me around the school and dragging me back to Menas' Office" I said 

" Yes, Nikki its my dream to chase you around this school. " He replied 

" yup, hahaha remember when you had to take me inside of Mena's office, while I was in the trash can . " I asked 

" hahaha, you made my day that day, thanks for being a klutz Nikkie" he replied 

" I did not fall, I was pushed by Jose and you guys did nothing, what kind of sercurity guard are you?" I asked 

" Shut up, Nikki we all know you can be a klutz and I'm your cousin thats what kind of sercuirty guard I am" He replied 

" feo " I said while sticking my tongue at him 

" go get lunch, my mom wants you guys to come over sometime this week " He said 

" yeah yeah yeah, just have Panda waitng for me, when I come over. " I said and walk inside the cafeteria. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ few minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So I basically wasted 20 minutes of lunch for talking to the staff and getting lunch well atleast I have 35 more minutes left to hang with my friends. I walk out of the cafeteria and look at the amphitheatre and saw the freshies some old seniors, sophomores, and juniors wow things haven't change that much. I saw a few old friends that I don't much as my friends that are awaiting for me upstairs, but it was still nice seeing them. I wasn't popular, but I was well known for my Pranks and soccer hahaha, so yeah I walked up the stairs to go the second floor of our school and pass by tthe four square and see they guys playing soccer to my left and right, some where playing handball, yeah we love sports. As I make it pass the guys playing soccer I walk near the actual soccer field and basketball courts outside when I see my friends. They haven't seen me yet, awesome. 

I stop walking in the middle of the fields and I'm getting glares of the freshman and other underclassmen, seniors knew how I was, this was expected from me. 

" I'M BACK!!!!" I yelled 

Thats when Jade, Jess, Lizzy, Jose, Jorge, Maria, Tony, Cesar, Eric, Kelly and the rest of my friends turn aound. When they saw me, hahaha the faces they made, priceless. Freaking Jade dropped her phone, which made me laugh more. Then they all ran to me, see I'm loved by all my friends cause I'm just that awesome hahaha ok I'm just kidding, to be honest I don't know why my friends love me, but I love them all. They are just the extended part of my family. The guys like literaly tackle me down and the girls join them. I was in the bottom of this and I couldn't breathe needed air. 

" I miss you.... guys.... but ... off me...... need.... air !!" I said between breathes. 

As soon as they all started to get up and oof me i got my air back, and they had to help me up. As I look around the school I notice the stares again, yup we made a scene again. I was smiling hugging all my friends when I saw him


Hey guys !! so this is my third book I write, I'm still working on the second, I kinda gave up on my first because of lack of motivation for it, but I am working on the other one and this one. I will update both sometimes at the same time or seperate times. I had writers block for the second book and I came up with this story, so I hope its good so far, tell me what you think, if someone actually reads this. Yup hope you like it and peace ~Jenny <3 :P 

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