Breaking Down these Walls

Nikki was one of the funniest, caring, random girl you will ever meet. She is a senior in this not really important academy. Her friends will always see her smiling laughing and just loving life. They knew some things about her life but not all. They don't know what abuse she gets from her family everday, the people that are suppose to love her. Don't get me wrong she does get along with her family and she loves them, but there is switch or a glitch in her family where it turns from love to hate. All she wants in life is love, but sadly she doesn't get it. Instead she gets death glares and verbal abuse from her ex boyfriend Alexander.

Meet Alexander a junior at the same academy as Nikki he was a transfer there junior, but instantly popular. He is part of the "popular crowd" as you may say it. Always getting what he wants; the girls and the fact that he is the first Junior to make captain of the school soccer team. He had a lovely family not, he has a horrible life but when he meets


11. Capter 11

Alex's P.O.V.

"Bye Alex" is the last thing Nikki said before I went into my own world. I couldn't stop thinking about Nikki. I knew how she was before she changed but now it's like she is a whole new person.

Some people including me called her a whore because she was with a lot of guys, but what we didn't know was that most of them were her friends. I mean she dated like two people out of all the guys who are her friends. I mean I knew how it looked but in all reality she always gotten along with guys better than girls.

She see it less drama, don't get me wrong she does have friends that are girls but in the way they are similar but different. Like Lizzy and Jade, Lizzy is athletic like her and they are good friends!! I hope the make captains this year!! Jade is her best friend they are just weird together no wonder they are friends.

Nikki Nikki what am I going to do with her. No I can't like her anymore, we can't be together. Its for her own safety she can't get hurt. I was so distracted I didn't even notice anyone was there until I bumped into them.

"Well well who do we have here?" Mason said

"Mason." I said

"Alex." he responded

"What do you want?" I asked

"A little birdy told me that they saw you with Nikki today" he said

"Are you spying on us" I said

"You see Nikki has told her story to three people and three people only." he said

"And let me guess you are one of them." I responded

" You are smart, that's good." he replied

"What do you want Mason? " I asked

"I want you to stay away from her" he said

"Aww you fell for her didn't you, well to bad" I said

" I don't like her, just stay away from her." He said

" I can't we are giving it one last shot" I said

"She wouldn't go out with you anymore, she hates you for what you did." he responded

"We are not going out, we are just friends" I say trying to leave

"What's your real plan?" Mason asked

"Nothing." I respond

"Then why are you trying to be friends"he asked

"Cause we are" I replied

"I don't like you for Nikki" he said

"Same here I don't like you for Nikki either, but it's not me you have to be worried about" I said while walking past him

"Huh" is all he said

"It's Luke " I said

And walk out I didn't let him finish talking. I just don't like Mason he's bad for Nikki and I don't like Luke either I just have a feeling. Or it might be that Nikki Likes him, I mean I loved that girl and I screw up and she screwed up and we are trying be friends again. I just cant watch her be with another person another guy, becuase I care for her. She's definatley different from the rest of the girls I have met. Today really has been a weird day I swear I need to do something to empty my mind. So I call Oscar.

A: Hey Oscar want to go to the Moffet and pass the ball

O: Yeah sure meet you there in five

A: Yeah, but Ill be there in 10

O: doesnt matter just hurry run train begins now !!

A: Like I need training

O: Hey never get to cocky

A: I'm not Pablo

O: Then don't sound like him

A: So practice

O:Training get your ass over here

A: I ain't you girl

O: What?

A: Sorry was talking to my friend and I started to like her

O; A girl

A: She's a friend a close friend nothing more

O: Sure whatever you say are you almost here

A: Yeah yeah yeah I'll be there in 1.2.3

" Miss me much" I said to oscar

" yes, I was like were's my b***h" Oscar said

" Hey I'm no B***h, I'm the respected boyfriend in this relationship." I respond

" Who says you have the pants in this relationship, what if I want to wear them?" He respond

" Nah we both know that in this friendship I wear the pants" I respond

"What ever lets get training" Oscar said

He wasn't palying around when he said he was going to train me, he made me run the whole school twice that might no see, much for you but it's a huge school like HUGE school. I'll admit I was tired by the second one, he was right about me being cocky imagine if it was the real practice I wouldn't haven't even made it to the team let alone captain. We kept practicing and I felt myself in my own world. I was at peace.

I started hear a radio commentary speaking in Spanish like they do in games. I started to see myself passing the ball around to my teammates. Then I see myself scoring the final goal to win the championship and for my celebration I slide on my knees. It was so fun I didn't even know I spaced out.

"Dude you ok ? " Oscar asked

"Yeah just a glimpse of the future" I said

"Yeah but you don't have that future unless you practice, same time tomorrow" he asked

"Yeah" Is all I said

"Ok see you later" he said leaving

"Bye" I said

I sit down in the grass and just look up at the sky and think of my future. What is going to happen to me after high school. I'm just afraid what life has waiting for me. All I ever dream of as a child was to play for Barcelona. it's still my dream I want to continue playing and never stop playing.


A/N hey you guys I didn't update this Tuesday but it's Thursday hahaha. sorry i decide to finish my hw and study for test instead on Tuesday. I have three classes today and I'm seriously thinking of not going to math but I need the grade so I'm going to suffer. anyway I hope you like this short chapter like it vote for it leave comments with ideas or stuff. have a good day or night and love unicorns !! Ok I'm done bye love ya guys- jenny <3

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