Why me???

I never wanted him back I hate him. Hello left the family to go and be famous. And now he's coming back. And he's bringing THEM with him. I just wanted to hang with friends on my birthday.


8. Truth or dare **dun dun dun**


"who wants to play truth or dare?" Some body yelled. 


***normal time 

"Meeeee!! I do..." I trailed off as I saw everybody sitting in a circle looking at me crazy. "But first can I call over my friend Lola?" I asked  "Ya and mum went out for the night by the way," Liam said. 

My friend Lola has brown hair and brown hair. And she is 18 just like me. "Hey Lola wanna come over and play truth or dare?" I asked into the phone. "Sure be right over Nik," she responded. About 5 minutes later I herd a knock on the door. "GOT IT BITCHES!!!" I yelled. "Hey whore" Lu said casually. "Sup slut," I responded. "TRUTH OR DARE TIME!!!" Lola yelled. "Ok mother f****** I shall go first" I announced. Liam looked at me as to say NO CUSSING! But I just Ignored him. 

 "Um....Ashton, truth or dare?" I asked. "Dare." I just laughed evilly. "I dare you to strip naked and run to the neighbors house and sing or say 'Come and get it nanana," I said. Ashton went wide eyed then stripped, I just smiled. He ran to the house and the old lady opened the door. 'Come and get it nanana' Ashton sang. "Why come in young man," the perverted old lady said. Ashton ran to the house screaming. "My turn. Harold you like to kiss most in this room?" He asked. "Lola," Harry said. I felt something like...jealousy? "Louis I dare you to let Nikki make you a sand which and you have to eat it." Harry said. So I went made the sandwich and Louis pucked. "MY TURN!!!" Louis yelled. "Nikki who do you have a crush on?" He asked. Oh no. I like Harry but he likes Lola. So I made my final decision. I ran to my room and locked the door. I ran to my bathroom. And pulled out my old friend Mr. Razor. I pulled up my sleeve. I made 3 marks then washed my arm off and cleaned myself off. The truth is, I don't love anybody, I stop myself from loving people because everybody just lets you down. Plus I have a past that I really don't want to tell anybody. The only person that knows is Lola. She knows all my deepest darkest secrets. 


What's Nikki's secret? Why doesn't she l

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