Why me???

I never wanted him back I hate him. Hello left the family to go and be famous. And now he's coming back. And he's bringing THEM with him. I just wanted to hang with friends on my birthday.


5. Nooooo

Why did they have to show up??? I ran to my moms room and asked,"why are they here?" "Well honey they're here because you will be going on tour with them." My mom explained. THIS time I ran to my room.  I just sat there staring at the blank wall. Then I herd a knock at the door.  "What do you want!"I yelled. The door opened and the boys walked it. "Well the lads never got to introduce themselves."Liam explained. "Well since I'm going on tour with you I might as well know your names" I sighed. "I'm Harry," said the curly haired one. Next was a boy who has blonde hair but brown roots, so I'm guessing he dyed it, "I'm Niall!" And yes, he had an accent to die for. Did I mention I'm a sucker for hot guys with accents. I just smiled. Next was a guy that looke like a FREKIN model, "Ello, I'm Zen" but I knew hello said Zayn. Sure he was hot but just not my typ. Then a perky boy squeezed me into a tight hug and yelled "IM JENNIPHER!!!" But Liam explained that his name was Louis. Maybe these boys aren't so bad, but I'm still pissed at Liam. 



       Love all u little UNICORNS👅



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