Why me???

I never wanted him back I hate him. Hello left the family to go and be famous. And now he's coming back. And he's bringing THEM with him. I just wanted to hang with friends on my birthday.


4. No not YOU not THEM?!?!!?

I ran downstairs and herd a car pulling in the drive way. I watched several figures get out of the car. Then I realized it was them..... 


One Direction. I hate them all. My brother ruined my life. I've hated Liam ever since 2010 which is ironic since I'm the one who pushed him onto the X-Factor stage again. When Liam made it he left and I never saw him again. 3 FREKIN years he was gone and never once contacted me. That's when I started getting bullied and I started cutting. 

They all walked in. "Nikki, oh my God. I haven't seen you in so long. I miss you!" Liam shouted then ran to hug me. But I just shrugged him off. "Lil' sis, what's wrong?," Liam asked. Wow he really had the nerve to ask that. "Oh what happened you ask? Well let's see my brother NEVER contacted me ONCE for 3 FU," but I was cut cut off by Liam scolding me saying,"Nikki please , language. I just got so upset I ran to my room. 


             ~Nialls P.O.V~

"ummm Liam, not to be rude but I thought you said Nikki was a sweet innocent girl.

,"I stated. "I thought so too,"Liam answered, confused. 

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