Why me???

I never wanted him back I hate him. Hello left the family to go and be famous. And now he's coming back. And he's bringing THEM with him. I just wanted to hang with friends on my birthday.


2. Intro!!!!!!

Heyyoooo. I'm Nikki and I am what u would call emo. I have blond 'scene' style hair that I died and it goes down to my ribs. I have blue/greyish eyes. I'm 17 turning 18 tomorrow. I live in Wolverhampton, London. My favorite colors are black and red. 

I have an older brother brother named Liam. Ya that's right Liam Payne, from One Direction. But anywhore. I am a Victoria Secret model. And I HATE Liam. 

Sooooooo that's all about meeee!!!




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