Why me???

I never wanted him back I hate him. Hello left the family to go and be famous. And now he's coming back. And he's bringing THEM with him. I just wanted to hang with friends on my birthday.


6. 5SOS

So the boy explained that we were going to be touring America with a band called 5SOS. And I screamed. "Ummm Nikki why did you just scream?" Harry asked. "We'll I love 5 seconds of summer,"I explained. "So, um , when do we leave?" I asked. "Tomorrow. So get packing," Zayn replied. "Ok well then GET OUT!" I Yelled. "Oh and 5SOS are comeing later on," Louis mentioned. That's when I FREAKED!!!  I just packed a lot of clothes. But not all of them since I know I'll be going shopping. But first I ran into my bathroom and took all my hair dye out, so my hair was back to its natural blonde color. 

I herd a knock on the door. OMG, that must be Ashton, Luke, Michel, and Calum. 

Then I herd somebody shout. "Who wants to play truth or dare?" Oh boy


boy sorry for the short chapters. Love all you little UNICORNS!!!✌✌

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