IT has come the one thing that would end the human race forever.... ZOMBIES!



    We got in his car. He drove off. I seen so many people die. people getting eaten alive. soon I was asleep. I woke up but, the car was stopped. "Hush" He whispered as he pulled out a rifle. He aimed. BANG!  he started running. soon he came back with a bunny. " this is our dinner" he whispered. He put the bunny in a bag and handed it to me. We got back in the car.  If we don't have anything to eat from stores we have that bunny. Which is good because I never had BUNNY!


 Soon it was morning and we saw tons of houses and stores. "why don't we stop and get supplies?" I asked. "because this whole place is rigged." he responded. he started to drive faster. As we got to the end he drove over spikes but, he kept going. People behind us were shooting. From the sides people were chasing us on motorcycles. Both were on the side of us. "Take this and start shooting!" He yelled. He threw back his gun. I turned to my right. BANG! I missed "HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO SHOOT" one of them yelled. He ran into a burned car. I sat back down in the middle. " That really just happened. DID YOU SEE THAT!?" I asked him. I turned to the other side but no one was there. BOW BOW. He was on the top. I pointed up and started shooting. I turned around and seen him flying away. "WE DID IT!" I yelled. I at him as he had blood all over him!    

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