IT has come the one thing that would end the human race forever.... ZOMBIES!


1. The start

    Out of all the things in life, all the different ways someone could die, it had to be shredded to peace's. It was coming we didn't know it yet.


 I woke up with the greatest smell ever. Eggs, bacon, and FRECH TOAST! "Mom dad`s up!". My oldest son yelled. I got up and tackled him! we both laughed together. "breakfast is down boys!" Serenity yelled. we both walked down stairs to a brave new world.

"Dad I think we should go to SIX FLAGS." Zack told me. "I don't now, I promised your mom I was going to take her out tonight." I replied to Zack.


Serenity walked over to me and gave me a kiss. I got up and hugged her from behind. "believe me ill be able to pay for it all" I whispered. BANG BANG! people were screaming outside. Cars crashing. I ran up stairs and got my bat. came down and went outside. I turned around. "LOCK THE DOORS AND DONT OPEN IT FOR NO ONE!" I yelled.


I turned around and a zombie was right there. I raised my arm and swung. "BATTER UP!' My son shouted.       


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