IT has come the one thing that would end the human race forever.... ZOMBIES!



   Soon it stared to ran as I carried the bunny and him. At least he wasn't covered in blood. Plus the truck broke down. Soon I seen a couple of buildings. I entered a INN. I put him and the bunny on a couch. I grabbed one of the keys and went upstairs. The room was nice and clean like if nothing had happen over here. I took the bunny and him upstairs.


 He woke up. "your alive!" I shouted. he got up and grabbed as much water as possible and started jugging. "I didn't get shot the blood landed on me and I had a panic attack." he explained. He sat back down. " we still have the bunny" I told him. " what's your name anyway?" I asked. "Its David" he answered. David was his name...  

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