IT has come the one thing that would end the human race forever.... ZOMBIES!



  It was like no one was on the Earth beside me and David. It took me a couple weeks for us to find better shelter. Some nights it would be cool. Some nights it felt like David wasn't there. David had the idea to turn back and go kill the rest of those guys, but I told him it would be a waste of our time and a life threatening situation. He agreed. Even the smartest people make mistakes. 



  I never wanted to believe that my family was killed, but it is true never again will i see them. we have been walking on the same path for about 3 weeks. I'm hungry after David ate the bunny. It felt like I was alone. David became crazier by the week. Soon i think he might try to eat me.




        Maybe there is a little more to our adventure together. Maybe we might run into more survives... Maybe David wont trust anyone else. If there is one thing i learned from the HELL... its to take chances...      

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