IT has come the one thing that would end the human race forever.... ZOMBIES!



 Since it was to late for me to for give my sins. I had killed one of them. Well they were already dead but. My family,,,,, I got back into my house. For some reason the door was on the floor. I heard a bang from upstairs. I went into my bedroom. My wife was shot on our bed. From the side of me the tip off the gun was coming for me. I ducked down and pulled his leg causing the man to fall. I grabbed my family photo and bashed it on his head. I took the peace's of glass and stabbed him over then 50 times. I sat against the wall crying. "I am so sorry baby, so sorry Serenity" I cried. "DAD!" Zack yelled. I ran down stairs. My son was covered with blood. "ITS MINE DAD" he cried. I studied him so many bite marks. He dropped to the floor. I ran to give him a hug. I reached for a wooden peace on the floor from the door. I raised my arm. " I LOVE YOU SON!' I shouted. My arm was getting closer and closer to him. I couldn't do it. " Down!" A man yelled. I rolled to the left as I saw my son get shattered to peace's. "He was already dead" He whispered. I got up and followed him. "I'm trying to head for the small cities less zombies." he told me.

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