moonlight madness

Laura marie was just a normal girl who was an outcast to people. She loved to read and write. She never had any friends at her last school in Virginia, then how was she going to make friends at this new school in Washington. Laura moved away from her Moms place and had to move to her Dads for the school year. But does Laura find love while she is in Washington and does she make friends? and what happens once she finds out this one secret? you will have to find out in the book called moonlight madness!


1. I'm Laura Marie



          I wished I would not move from Virginia. This was my hometown and my Mom and Dad obviously had to get a divorce and had to move from each other. Once my Mom and Dad got separated, my mom found this new man who is really nice to me, but I felt sorry for my Dad cause he hasn't found his special someone yet.

          I loved seeing my Dad but I am just used to seeing my mom but I am going to try to make new friends since I have no friends in this state since everyone here is all really mean and always has drama up their sleeve. Once I started packing I just thought about how much I am going to miss this place.

          But you know I have to do what I have to do. Once I opened up the car that my mom got from my step-dad she started crying and sobbing that she was going to miss me. I was going to miss my mom so much to but I told her "I will see you in the summer, Mom" and she stopped crying and started to drive to the air port.

          Once we arrived at the airport I said goodbye to my mom and off I went to stupid Washington. Now I wished I could die in a hole then sit in this traffic of people at this stupid air port! but after passing the random people I started listening to my favorite song and fell asleep in the airplane where this little kid in the back of me pushing my seat. My life cant get any worse than this.



I hope u like the first part of this book! I will be updating every day of these chapters since they are going to be short but some long!  but this is like a twilight book but their are going to be twist and turns so I hope u like it! xoxo kaitlyn

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