The Love We Have

Rosemarie is a belieber and a werewolf. What happens when her and her sister Julia go to a concert in their hometown and meet their mate. ��


5. Chapter 5🔥

* Justin's Pov * 

I woke up the next morning in the tour bus and sat up. I looked around then I looked down at te bed to see Rosemarie was asleep and her hair was everywhere over her face. I winced in pain as I stretched my body. I got out the bed and went to to the front of the bus to see Julia and Alfredo watching something on the tv on the wall.

" what happened last night " I said 

" well while you were performing Rosemarie went into heat so we took her to the bus and tied her to a chair and we stepped out the bus then when you were done you walked in the bus and after that I heard moaning then silence so I'm guessing you marked her and she marked you " Julia said 

" seriously " I said

" dead serious " Alfredo said 

" oh wow " I said and sat down in a seat and started watching tv.

* Rosemarie's Pov * 

I woke up with a huge headache. I opened my eyes and groaned holding my head and sat up. I got out of the bed and went to my suitcase and picked a hot pink bandage crop top , high waisted destructed denim shorts , and my hot pink sandals. I left my hair wavy then I grabbed my phone and left the room to the front of the bus to see Julia , Alfredo , and Justin sitting watching a movie on the tv. Julia then looked up at me. 

" you're finally up " Julia said 

" why does it feel like I have a really bad hangover " I said

" well you went into heat while Justin was performing so Alfredo and I came inside the bus and tied you to a chair then when Justin was done he came to the bus and went into the room and then it went silent " she said 

" so what happened when it went silent " I said

" I don't know ask Justin " Julia said 

" what happened when it went silent " I asked Justin 

" well I uhm kind of marked you to slow down the heat " he said 

" you're kidding me rite " I said 

" no I am being serious " Justin said 

" who in the living hell gave you the rite to do that " I said 

" you told me practically begging me to do it " he said and by then I felt really stupid , stupid for yelling at him and thinking he did something bad to me when clearly he didn't. 

I slumped my shoulders and put my head down in shame and felt guilty. I then felt arms go around my waist and a head on my shoulder. 

" I feel stupid now " I said 

" don't feel stupid " Justin said

" but I do for yelling at you for something I told you to do " I said 

" just forget about it " he said 

" alright " I said and he went behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and walked me to the front of the bus and sat down with me in his lap.

" what city or state we going to " I asked 

" to Miami Florida " Justin said 

" oh " I said and hours later we finally arrived in Miami. 

The bus stopped in front of the hotel and we got and walked into the hotel ad is stopped at how beautiful the hotel was. After everyone checked in we went up to our and I put my stuff down and sat on the huge bed. 

" what's wrong " Justin asked

" hungry what's around here " I asked 

" um lots of places what do you want to eat " Justin asked 

" anything " I said 

" alright I'll be back " Justin said and when he left my wolf didn't want him to leave. 

I sighed and grabbed my phone and texted Julia.

[ Text Convo ]
Me - what room are you guys in
Julia💕🌺 - the room next to you
Me - come over😩
Julia💕🌺 - on my way😁👍
Me - okay😁😊
[ End Of Text Convo ]

I put my phone down next to me and heard a knock on the door. I got up and opened it to see Julia. I closed the door behind her as she walked in. We then sat down on the bed.

" what's up with you " Julia asked 

" I needed to talk to someone " I said

" where's Justin " Julia asked 

" went to get me something to eat " I said 

" are you okay you're looking a bit pale " she said 

" I'm still in heat and I haven't ate in hours " I said 

" oh I won't be in heat till two days from now " Julia said 

" lucky " I said 

" so when are you two finally gonna finish mating " Julia asked 

" I don't know we haven't talked about it yet he just marked me last night " I said

" sucks for you " Julia said 

" don't rub it in my face " I said 

" I'm not " she said 

" where is he with my food " I said and rite on time I heard a knock on the door and Julia got up and opened the door and it was Justin with my food. 

Julia left back to her room and Justin and I are then talked about random things.

~ That Night ~ 

I was laying down in bed next to Justin watching a movie. My heat was getting worse by the minute and I needed Justin really bad. I got up and went to the bathroom and turned on the shower making sure it was cold. 

I stripped out of my clothes and got in letting the cold water run down my body making me feel better. I sat down in the shower pulling my knees up to me hugging them. Eventually I got out and dried off then put on a gray slouchy oversized sweat shirt that has half of a broken heart which says best in the heart , rugby stripe cotton boy shorts and a pair of black socks. Going back to the room I sat in the chair that was by the bed. I sat there watching the movie on the tv then I feel myself dose off and ended up going to sleep.

* Justin's Pov * 

I was laying in bed sleep but then woke up to use the bathroom. I walked to the bathroom and used it then came out to see Rosemarie sleep in the chair by the bed. I smiled to myself and laid her down in bed. I then got in bed next to her and I wrapped my arm around her waist then I fell asleep.

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