The Love We Have

Rosemarie is a belieber and a werewolf. What happens when her and her sister Julia go to a concert in their hometown and meet their mate. ��


4. Chapter 4🔥

* Justin's Pov *

I woke up before Rosemarie to my phone ringing it was Scooter.

[ Phone Convo ]

Me - hello

Scooter - we leave in 20

Me - we're up

Scooter - alright

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I look over to see that Rosemarie was still sleep. I ran my fingers through my hair and went to the bathroom and used it. When I came back to the room I saw that she was still sleep. I then walked over her and shook her awake.

" what do you want " she said sleepily

" we have to get ready to leave " I said

" what time is it " Rosemarie asked

" almost twelve in the afternoon " I said

" oh my fucking gosh " she said

* Rosemarie's Pov *

I groaned and got up out of the bed and took a shower to wake myself up. I then got out and put on a blue draped jersey , black leggings , with my black ugg button boots and I threw my hair into messy bun. I then picked upy phone while it was on the charger and called Julia.

[ Phone Convo ]

Julia💕🌺 - hello

Me - are you guys up and awake

Julia💕🌺 - for what

Me - to get ready for tonight then we leave for the next city

Julia💕🌺 - crap I forgot alright bye

Me - bye

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I took my phone off its charger and put it in my suitcase. After I made sure I had everything Justin helped me with my suitcases tithe elevator. A few minutes later I saw Julia and Alfredo. We all got on the elevator and got off at the lobby.

As we got to the parking lot of the hotel we saw Justin's your bus. Justin knocked on the door and I guess was the driver opened it. I got on the bus first and I walked down past the bunks and stopped at a door. I opened it to see a bedroom. I then laid down on the bed with Julia behind me and we went back to sleep. A couple hours later I got out of bed and put on a red crop top , high waisted jeans , and red heels. I put on my jewelry and straightened my hair.

Walking out to the front of the bus to see Justin , Alfredo , and Julia watching something on tv.

" look who's up " Justin said looking me up and down checking me out.

" yup I'm up " I said and then there was a knock on the door getting our attention.

Justin got up and opened the door and walked I was Scooter.

" let's do the final things we need to before tonight " Scooter said

" okay we'll be out " Justin said and Scooter left.

When he did leave I made sure I had my phone and we left off the bus. Once we were inside the arena people were in the stage fixing lights and going over things before tonight. We went inside of Justin's dressing room and sat down on the couch while Justin went through his wardrobe and outfit check. Agee hours later of just sitting there it was almost time for the concert. I grabbed my phone to see it was 7:50.

They sent Julia and Alfredo out and they let me stay in Justin's dressing room with him while he got ready for his concert. Justin got dressed in black leather pants , a white t-shirt , a black leather jacket and white supras. By the time he was done a guy came in and told him it was time for him to go on stage. Justin then gave me a goodbye hug and left. Close to an hour later I was sitting on the couch and was playing on my phone when I felt hot and started to sweat. I wiped the sweat from my forehead and got a pain in my stomach and I knew I was going into heat. I then dialed Julia's number.

[ Phone Convo ]

Me - Julia it's starting

Julia💕🌺 - what do you mean it's starting what's starting

Me - my heat it's starting

Julia💕🌺 - hold on we're on our way

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

The line then went dead meaning she hung up. A few minutes later I heard the door slam open. I tried to move to see who it was but I was in too much pain. I felt that person turn me over I seen it was Julia and Alfredo. Alfredo and Julia helped me up off the couch and helped me walk out the dressing room and out the arena then onto the bus. I felt myself being seated on a chair and my arms being tied to the arms of the chair. As time passed each minute my eat got worst.

* Julia's Pov *

I covered my ears as Rosemarie was screaming her lungs out. Justin needs to hurry up with the concert. I was about to start crying when Alfredo pulled me into a comforting hug.

" mind link Justin or something tell him to hurry up and get here because I can't sit here and watch her like this I'm getting scared " I said

" why she's only going into heat " Alfredo said

" this is only part of it " I told him

" what's do you mean " he asked

" when she's in heat it's like a demon possesses her and she is a whole different person " I said

" wow " Alfredo said and a couple hours later the toe bus door open and I ran over to the front of the bus and saw Justin.

I grabbed Justin and pulled him to the back room where Rosemarie was tied to a chair looking like she was possessed. Her eyes were pitch black and her teeth grew. She looked up at us and I quickly hid behind Justin at how scary she looked.

" he's finally here " Rosemarie said and the voice didn't sound like her or her wolfs voice.

It sounded so demonic and creepy.

" oh my god " I muttered

" god can't help you rite now " Rosemarie's demonic voice said

" she heard you " Justin quietly said

" now I suggest Alfredo and Julia leave while they still can " she said

" don't have to tell me twice lets go Julia " Alfredo said and I followed behind him out the tour bus.

* Rosemarie's Pov *

His smell was intoxicating it was making me want to just take him. I looked up at him to see his eyes went his original brown eyes to a dark brown almost black and by the looks of Justin he wanted to do the same to me. He walked towards me and leaned his head against mine growling.

" you smell so good " Justin said

" please untie me " I said and felt his hands slide down my arms to my wrists.

As he untied my wrists from the chair he rested his heads on my thighs squeezing slightly. I stood up and Justin's arms went around my waist pulling me closer to him. I looked up at him to see he was smirking down at me. Then suddenly he lifted me up by my butt and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I then felt my back hit the soft bed. Justin's lips attached to my neck then started to suck , nip , bite , and kiss the spot where he was gonna mark me. After about a few more minutes later I felt his canines come out. I was moaning like crazy while he was kissing my neck and gripping my hips slightly but not tightly. Then seconds later I felt Justin's canines sink into my neck marking me as his. From that point on I don't really know what happened all I remember was him marking me and that was it.

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