The Love We Have

Rosemarie is a belieber and a werewolf. What happens when her and her sister Julia go to a concert in their hometown and meet their mate. ��


3. Chapter 3🔥

* Rosemarie's Pov *

I woke up the next morning to someone singing. I groaned and sat up then I see Justin come out with a towel around his waist. I blushed and he looked at me.

" see something you like " Justin said and I blushed even deeper.

He laughed and grabbed his outfit and went back to the bathroom and got changed. When he was dressed he came out to the room.

" so what's today's plan " I ask

" well we're all going to go to the breakfast buffet downstairs then to the studio from there anywhere you girls want and you should get up and get dressed " he said

" okay " I said

" well we're all gonna go to breakfast downstairs then to do rehearsals and from there what ever you girls want and you should get up and get dressed  " Justin said

" okay " I said and got out of bed and went to my suitcases an pulled out a dark purple batik print blouse , dark ripped skinny jeans , and black converse and put it on.

I walked out the bathroom and grabbed my brush and brushed my hair into a side ponytail. We left the room and I knocked on Alfredo and Julia's hotel room door. The door opened to reveal Julia with her toothbrush in her mouth.

She left to finish brushing her teeth then Justin and I walked inside. When Julia finished getting ready we left her room to the elevator and got on. Justin pushed the button for the lobby and the elevator went down. We got off at the we went to double doors that were open and saw people sitting down , eating and getting food. Julia and I sat at a table while Justin and Alfredo got us food. A few minutes later they came back with a plate in each hand. They set down our plates in front of us and we all started to eat. When we all got finished with breakfast we went out to the front to Justin's body gaurs standing and waiting for us. His bodyguard opened the door and Justin scooted up the and I got in the back and sat down then Justin got in and sat next to me.

He then scooted the seat back an Julia and Alfredo got in the row of seats in front of us and Justin's bodyguard drove to Madison Square Garden for rehearsals. We got out the car and we walked inside to see people setting up for the concert tomorrow night at eight o'clock. Julia and I stood there watching Justin sing and dance for tomorrow night. I looked at Julia to see her playing ' Pet Rescue Saga '. She felt my gaze and looked at me.

" what's wrong and don't say nothing " Julia said

" I don't know what's wrong to be honest " I said

" what do you mean you don't know " she said

" exactly how I said it I don't know I mean I am scared of loving Justin I start to think he's going to hurt me like Damon did " I said

" you have to get t through your head that Justin is my going to hurt you like Damon did " Julia said

" tell my mind that so what's up with you and Alfredo " I said

" nothing really " she said

" have you told him yet " I said

" no and I hope not to " Julia said

" why you have to tell him like I told Justin I was scared of having a mate " I said

" I know it's just complicated " Julia said

" okay but you have to tell him before we go into heat " I said

" don't remind me about that you get heat worst then I do because you have dad's blood in you " Julia said

" I know make sure to tie me up to a chair or something cause of you don't I am going toe ape Justin and mate him " I said

" okay I'll make sure " she said and a few hours later we left Madison Square Garden and Julia decided we should go to lunch.

The bodyguard then drove us to a restaurant and we got out. Once we got inside the waiter seated us and have us our menus. I looked over the menu twice and decided to get the chicken Alfredo pasta with garlic bread and a sprite. When the waiter came back to our table we told him what we wanted and he wrote it down and left. Close to fifteen minutes later the same waiter came back with our plates. I looked at my plate cause it looked delicious an started to eat. After we all ate Justin and Alfredo paid for our food and we left. I then decided we should go shopping.

Justin then told the driver and the driver drove to the mall. We got out and went into Victoria Secret and bought some stuff then went to Forever 21 and got somethings. After we finished shopping we got back in the car and went to the hotel. We grabbed our bags and went to our rooms. I sat on the bed and took off my shoes and my short leavings tube top on and jeans. I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv. I then laid there looking at Justin taking off his shirt. I looked at his muscular back from his neck to his to his waist. He then started to take his pants off and that's when I snapped back into reality.

" you can't do that in the bathroom " I said

" I have basketball shorts on " Justin said and undid his pants and he let them fall to the ground.

I couldn't help myself by looking from his face to his happy trail. He stepped out his pants and picked them up then folded them putting them into his suitcase. Justin the laid on bed next to me and looked up at me.

" what " I said

" who's Damon " he asked and I sighed and looked at him.

" he is my ex boyfriend " I said

" the one that hurt you " he said

" yes how did you know " I said

" wolf hearing " Justin said

" oh wow nosy much " I said

" it's not my fault and what does Julia need to tell Alfredo " Justin asked

" when Julia was 16 she thought she found her mate and one day she went over to his house to meet some of his friends and they raped her " I said

" oh " he said sounding guilty

" yea but she got over it " I said and pt my attention on the tv.

While I was watching tv I felt weigh on my lap and I looked down to see Justin's head laying in my lap just relaxing there.

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