The Love We Have

Rosemarie is a belieber and a werewolf. What happens when her and her sister Julia go to a concert in their hometown and meet their mate. ��


2. Chapter 2🔥

* Julia's Pov *

I woke up the next day I got up early and put on my hooded sweater, my blue aero sweat pants, and my black and white chic and sweet slipper boots then I went to Rosemarie's room and shook her awake.

" what " she said sleepily

" take a run with me " I asked

" why " she said

" because you love me " I said

" okay fine " she said and got up and went to her closet then to her bathroom .

She came out dressed in a zip hooded sweater, red-orange aero 1987 sweat pants, and soft slipper boots. We had our hair in a messy bun and we grabbed our phone and we left the house to the forest. We then took off our outfit and changed into our wolves, my wolf was a really light brown almost a dirty blonde and her name was Alice and Rosemarie's wolf was all white and her name was Crystal. We put our stuff in a hiding spot and took off running. We dodged trees and jumped logs. After about a few hours of running we changed back to human form then got dressed. When we got back home there were more than two voices coming from the kitchen. We got to the kitchen to see my mom , dad, and none other than Justin Bieber and Alfredo Flores. Both Rosemarie and I stopped dead in our tracks.

" umm mom what's going on here " I said

" Justin here was asking permission to take you and Rosemarie and you to go on tour with him and his friend " my mom said and I looked at Rosemarie wide eyed.

" you're kidding me rite " I said

" no I'm not kidding " my mom said

" why would you do that " Rosemarie said

" because they are your guys mate " my mom said

" say something dad " I said

" I agree with your mother now go upstairs and pack you leave today " our dad said making me groan and I headed upstairs behind Rosemarie up to our rooms.

* Rosemarie's Pov *

I slammed my door shut and started to pack things for this damn tour me and my sister are forced to go on. After I was done packing everything I took my suitcases downstairs followed by Julia. Her suitcases were similar to mine but she had flowers on it. Justin and Alfredo got up from the kitchen table sand started to walk to us. One by one they took our bags to a black hummer and Julia and I sighed and said bye to our parents and got in the car. I got in the front seat next to Justin and Julia got in the backseat with Alfredo on the same side as me and Justin started the as we waved goodbye and drove away. A couple hours later we were at Atlanta's airport. We got out then Alfredo and Justin went to the trunk and loaded our luggage on the private jet. I got in the jet and took myself a seat and

Julia sat in another seat next to me. You might wonder why I'm always with Julia or why Julia is always with me , it's because when she needed my parents the most they weren't there and I was so we're like really tight like I'm her best friend . So anyway we were sitting next to each other and I look up to see Justin and Alfredo sitting across from us.

" What can I help you with " I said

" Well you can help by talking to me " Justin said

" About what " I said still looking at my phone

" Fine if it'll shut you up my name is Rosemarie Elizabeth McCormick I am 18 I have light brown hair and brown eyes , I am an all white wolf her name is Crystal , I love to take runs and I love my family and friends, my favorite color is gold and purple I have a sister named Julia, and I am allergic to nothing " I said

" Wow " Justin said his mouth open

" Now are you happy " I said

" Yes " he said and I returned my attention to my phone and ignored Justin the rest of the way to our destination.

Seven hours later we arrived at New York City's airport LaGuardia and we all got off the jet and there was a car waiting for us. We got in and the driver drove us to our hotel. We all got out and got out the car and went inside and checked in. After we checked in we got in the elevator and went up to the 20th floor and stepped out the elevator and went to our suite. I went in the room first and stopped in my tracks this room was absolutely gorgeous.

" I love this room " I said

" anything for you " Justin said

" well I'm hungry " I said

" you want room service or take out " he asked

" room service " I said

" okay " Justin said then picked up the hotel phone and dialed room service.

Justin ordered me a double cheese burger with bacon , fries , and a chocolate shake. Close to ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. Justin got up and answered the door then he came back with a round tray and never set it down on the table. I immediately got off the bed and ran to where the food was. I grabbed my plate and sat in the window seal and turned on the tv and saw that spongebob was on. I set down the remote and started eating my food. I moaned at how good it tastes. After I was done I was full. I wonder what my sister was doing Shi I grabbed my phone and dialed Julia's number.

* Julia's Pov *

I was laying in bed with Alfredo sitting on the chair next to me we were watching Step Up then my phone rang I looked at who was calling it was Rosemarie.

[ Phone Convo ]

Me- hello

Rosemarie- hey are you okay

Me- yea I'm fine how about you

Rosemarie- good just wanted to see if you were alright

Me- oh well I'm fine just watching tv with Alfredo

Rosemarie- okay bye

Me- bye

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I hung up the phone and continued to watch Step Up with Alfredo till he spoke up.

" that's nice " he said

" she's being a good sister " I said

* Rosemarie's Pov *

I put my phone in my back pocket and sat on the bed. I then felt the bed dip next to me and looked to see it was Justin.

" What do you want now " I said

" What's wrong " Justin said

" Nothing's wrong " I said

" I know when something's wrong with people " he said

" Oh alright I'm scared " I said knowing he wouldn't stop till I told him what was wrong.

" Scared of what " he said

" Of having a mate " I said

" Why " Justin said

" I'm scared of getting hurt again " I said

" look at me " I heard Justin say and I turned my head.

" what " I said

" I'm not going to hurt you like they did " he said

" I know that " I said

" them there's nothing to be scared of " he said

" I just don't want to go down that route again " I said

" with me you're not " Justin said and I smiled at him then kissed his cheek.

I looked at the clock on the nightstand to see it was almost ten o'clock. I got off the bed and decided to take a shower. I went to my suitcases and grabbed something to wear to bed then went to the bathroom and got in the shower. After my shower I dried off then put my bedtime clothes on and went to the the room. I saw Justin laying down on the bed with his hands behind his head watching tv.

" what are you watching " I said

" Halloween Resurrection " he said

" I don't like that movie I have dreams that he tries to kill me " I said

" don't worry I'm here to protect you " Justin said and I smiled at him saying that and I laid down with him and watched the scary movie with him.

I got thirsty because my throat was dry and it hurt. I grabbed the ice bucket and before I left the room I grabbed the room key. Heading down the hallway I took a left then a right and there was the ice machine. I put the ice bucket under the thing the ice comes out and pushed the button and ice filled the bucket. I grabbed the bucket and turned around to see Julia. I then pulled her into a hug.

" I freaking missed you " I said

" I'm in the room across from you " she said

" oh really " I said

" yes really " Julia said filling up her ice bucket.

After she got ice we walked down the hallway to our rooms. I got inside the room and grabbed my water bottle and put ice inside if it the I put water inside it. Drinking some of it I went to the bed and set it down in the nightstand and went to sleep.

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