The drummer

Skylynn (sky)'s mom sends her to Australia to visit her out for the summer and sky isn't happy about this. In Australia, she quickly discovers that her aunt is very wealthy- and lives In an amazingly huge neighborhood. One day, sky hears loud music coming from next door. When she goes to check it out, she discovers a band. Sky thinks all four of them are pretty cute but one sticks out. The drummer. Will this summer continue to be a bum or will it be not so bad after all?


4. This means war

                                                                     Ashton's POV 

I wink at her. "It's just you and me." She blushes and my heart pounds faster. She's so cute when she blushes. What are you saying Ashton?! You just met her and she probably has a boyfriend. Hey maybe I should find out. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you have a boyfriend?" "Um no" she laughs. Okay it's too soon to be in a relationship with her but I can get to know her better. "Well do you have any plans tomorrow afternoon?" "No not at all. Although I might have a date with my couch tomorrow" she kids. I laugh. "Well instead of hanging with your couch why don't you hang out with me. We could go to the movies tomorrow night at 8:00." I say nervously. Sky nods. "Sure.. What movie?" Crap I didn't think of that part. "What about insidious two?" "Um okay I guess. I'm not exactly the easiest to watch a scary movie with." "Don't worry I'll comfort you." I say flirting. She blushes. I love being able to make her blush.

"Until the guys get back do you wanna hangout in the pool in the backyard?" I ask hopefully. "Sure! Lemme go run over to Taylor's house and change.. Um give me 10 minutes?" Sky ask. I nod. She runs to the door and back next door. I chuckle to myself. I start to go upstairs to change when I realize she left her phone. I grab it and add my contact to her phone. Then I go upstairs to change. This is going to be fun. 

                                                                         Sky's POV 

I run into Taylor's house and up the steps two at a time, my heart racing. Ashton asked me on a date!!!! I go into the giant bedroom and rummage around in the closet for the right bathing suit. "Watcha looking for?" I nearly pee my pants. Taylor is standing in the doorway of the closet. I breathe out. "God Taylor you scared me!!" She laughs. I pull out a black and white bikini. "I see you've discovered the pool?" She assumes. "Actually..." I turn and face her. "I discovered the neighbors." "Ooooooooo sky's gotta crush!!" She teases. I roll my eyes. "Which one?" "Ashton" I tell her. "Omg you like the drummer!!!" She squeals. I roll my eyes again and push her out of my room. "I have to change Tay." I shut the door and change into my swimsuit and some shorts. I grab a towel and run downstairs. "Bye Tay!!" I walk out the door before she has a chance to tease me again. I walk over to the guys house and knock on the door. Ashton opens it. "Hey the boys came back so they're gonna hang with us. Is that okay?" Ashton asks. "Yea!" I reply. He leads me outside. 

"Hey sky!" Calum Luke and Michael chorus. "Hi!" I walk over to the pool and dip my feet in. "Cold!!!" I shriek and I resort to sitting on one of the chairs. Ashton jumps into the pool causing a huge splash that barely misses me. I lay back and close my eyes. Sudenly my sun is blocked and im being lifted into the air. I try to get lose. All I see before I'm underwater, is a glimpse of blue hair. The water is freezing cold. Oh Michael. This means war.   



Okay so I need a girl for Harry Calum & Michael. I have a girl for Luke and Niall. I will announce who it is after I get Harry Calum and Michael :) comment below. :) -Catiexxxx 


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