The drummer

Skylynn (sky)'s mom sends her to Australia to visit her out for the summer and sky isn't happy about this. In Australia, she quickly discovers that her aunt is very wealthy- and lives In an amazingly huge neighborhood. One day, sky hears loud music coming from next door. When she goes to check it out, she discovers a band. Sky thinks all four of them are pretty cute but one sticks out. The drummer. Will this summer continue to be a bum or will it be not so bad after all?


10. Tell me what?

                                                                      Skylynns POV 

I wake up Around 10:00am and don't want to get out of bed. Then I remember that I'm going to Disney land today. I hope out of bed and into the shower. Once out of the shower, I blow dry and straighten my naturally curly hair. Then, I sit down at my vanity and Taylor walks in. "Morning!" She says cheerfully. She scoots me over so that she can sit beside me while we do our makeup. She dumps out basically her whole makeup bag on the table top. I laugh and shake my head. I put on foundation and a little bit if concealer under my eyes. Then, I reach for my mascara and put on black mascara that makes my green eyes pop. Then, I put on a very minimal amount of light pink eyeshadow. Finally, I lightly brush my cheeks with peach blush.

I glance over at Taylor when I'm done. While I went for a more natural look, Taylor's brown hair was curled into ringlets and her makeup was bold. I mean she's going to a wedding so that's perfect for the occasion. I get up and walk over to the outfit I picked the night before and throw it on. High waisted shorts and a muscle tee that says "LA". I glance at my phone. 1145. I throw on my black and white converse, hug Taylor goodbye making her mess up her makeup in the process, grab my phone and my purse, and run downstairs. Just as I throw open the door, Ashton appears. "Going somewhere?" He kids.

"To Disneyland with my amazing boyfriend." I smile. He takes my hand and leads me to a car I haven't seen before. I look questionably at him and he winks. The car door opens and Niall Horan gets out. "Oh my God!!!!" I squeal. Ok sky. Keep it cool. Don't fan girl. Niall walks up to me. "Hi!" He says brightly. "Omg I love you so much!" I lose it and hug him. He laughs and hugs me back. "Thank you!" I reluntanctly let go of him. We all got in the car and I say down next to Katelin. "OMG I fangirled and he didn't even care!" I told her. 

 We squealed and then I realized there was another girl in the car as well as all of the boys. A girl with bond hair and blue eyes looks at me. "Hi!" She says brightly. "I'm Sierra!" "Oh you're Nialls girlfriend! Hi I'm Skylynn." "Ashton's girlfriend" she giggles. "The one and only!" Ashton says from up front. We all greet each other and then we are on the way to Disneyland. 


We arrive at Disneyland a hour later. We step out and my childhood hits me again. We get our tickets and them enter first, the magic kingdom. Ashton and Sierra  spot a roller coaster and we all rush towards it. After a while, a lot of pictures, we take a break for lunch.

As we are eating, Niall says with his mouth full and his plate piled high," So do you think you will or not?" "Do what....?" I ask  slowly. "Ashton didn't tell you?" Niall asks confused. I look at Ashton. "Tell me what?" 



HI guys! Sorry I missed a update last night, I was so tired from cheerleading and school. But I'm back! In a few chapters, there is a big plot twist..... Can't wait for you guys to see! -Catiexxxx 

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