The drummer

Skylynn (sky)'s mom sends her to Australia to visit her out for the summer and sky isn't happy about this. In Australia, she quickly discovers that her aunt is very wealthy- and lives In an amazingly huge neighborhood. One day, sky hears loud music coming from next door. When she goes to check it out, she discovers a band. Sky thinks all four of them are pretty cute but one sticks out. The drummer. Will this summer continue to be a bum or will it be not so bad after all?


9. Niall's new girlfriend?

                                                                       Skylynns POV 

I wake up and search for Ashton. He's not beside me. Where could he be? I think to myself. I stretch and get out of bed. I step out of Ashton's room and bump straight into Katelin. "Oh sorry!" I giggle. "Have you seen Michael?" She asks me giggling. "No have you seen Ashton?" "Nope" we laugh and walk downstairs. We see that all of the boys are in the kitchen. "Goodmorning!" We call. "Morning!" They say back. I walk over to Ashton. He kisses my cheek and pulls me into his lap. I take a muffin off of his plate. "Did you just steal my food?" He says acting hurt. I pretend to offer it back but then take it back. "Fine I just won't tell you the surprise!" I drop the muffin back on the plate. "Surprise!?" Katelin asks. 

"Well" begins Calum. "We were thinking of going to Disneyland." Katelin and I stare. How is this good news to us? "And...." Says Ashton. "We want you guys to come with us!!" Katelin and start cheering. "Really?" I ask Ashton. "Yep!" He smirks. "Okay I just have to make sure it's okay with.... CRAP Taylor!!! I forgot to call her last night!" I hop off of Ashton and pull out my phone. I dial Taylor's number. "Hello?" She answers. I stumble out my words. "SorryTaylorICompletleyforgottotellyouisleptoverattheboyshouseimnextdoordontworry" "Slow down!" Taylor laughs. I'm surprised. "You're not mad?" She laughs again. "A little birdy told me where you were." I slowly turn towards Ashton. I hang up my phone. "You talked to Taylor?" I asked. "Of course." "Why didn't you tell me?" I ask sitting back on his lap. "It was funny" he laughs. 

Ashton's phone rings. "Hello?" He answers. He talks for a little while and then he hangs up. Katelin and I start eating chips. "Good news lads!" Ashton says. "Niall can come with us to Disneyland tommorow and he's bringing his girlfriend Sierra!" "Wait wait wait" I put down my chips. "Niall.......?" "Horan" Luke says. Katelin and I turn to each other. "OH MY FREAKING GOD WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND WITH NIALL HORAN!!!!!!' We scream and fan girl. The boys wince at our high pitched squeals. We jump up and down and then Katelin pauses. "Wait Niall has a girlfriend?" "Oh yea s you mentioned.....Sierra?" "Yea!" Michael answers. "They've been exclusive for a while only close friends and family know. Niall doesn't want her to get hate. He loves her too much." "Awee!" We say. 

After a while, I leave to go back to Taylor for a while. "Hay Tay!!" I call. She's laying in the couch watching tv. "Heeeey. Hey I have a wedding to go to tomorow. Do you mind?" "No it's fine I'm going to Disney world with the boys! Oh and Ashton and I are dating....." I say waiting for her explosion. "OMG YOHRE DATING ASHTON?!?! AWE!!!!" There it is. "Yea! I smile. The rest of the day, Taylor and I hang out watching movies and then I help her pre do her hair of the wedding and she picks out my Disneyland outfit. Then I go into bed. Ashton calls me. "Goodnight babe!" My stomach flutters when he says that. "Goodnight!" He tells me that he will pick me up at 12:00pm tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to go to Disneyland with my boyfriend and his friends and Niall Horan (inner squeal) and his girlfriend!!

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