The drummer

Skylynn (sky)'s mom sends her to Australia to visit her out for the summer and sky isn't happy about this. In Australia, she quickly discovers that her aunt is very wealthy- and lives In an amazingly huge neighborhood. One day, sky hears loud music coming from next door. When she goes to check it out, she discovers a band. Sky thinks all four of them are pretty cute but one sticks out. The drummer. Will this summer continue to be a bum or will it be not so bad after all?


11. Disneyland Suprise

                 Skylynn's Pov

I look over at Ashton. "Tell me what?" I ask, worry building up inside of me. A billion things run through my mind. He could be breaking up with me. Maybe he's sick!!! Maybe he's gay and was only using me till he came out of the closet!!!! Maybe he....... "Hellooo Skyyyy" Ashton says waving his hand in front of my face. I snap back into reality. "Yesss?" I ask slowly. "So Niall and the other guys have asked us to go on tour with them and be their opening act...."

                       Ashton's POV

"So Niall and the other guys have asked us to go on tour with them and be their opening act...." I start slowly. MY heart starts beating faster in fear of what im about to ask. Skylynn's eyes go wide. "Babe that's great!!!!" she jumps on me and hugs me tight. Then, the realization hits her. "You're leaving." she says. "That's what you wanted to tell me" Before I can tell her the surprise, Michael interrupts me . "ASHTON WANTS TO KNOW IF YOU WILL GO ON TOUR WITH US???" I turn back to Skylynn and nod. "Oh my gosh yes!!!!!!" she squeals. She jumps into my arms again and this time I pick her up and swing her around. I honestly couldn't be any happier. I've never fallen faster for anyone than I have for Sky. I thought I was going to have to leave her behind but now I get to have the love of my life on tour with me. Wait did I just call her the love of my life? I did. And I think I mean it.



Skylynns POV

I cant believe Ashton wants me to go on tour with him and the guys! And here I thought he was breaking up with me. The day got even better after Michael announced that Katelin would be coming with us! I've become quite close to Katelin in the past week and I'm glad I don't have to face this tour without her. After we finish with lunch, we go on more rides. Ashton decides that we should go on Splash Mountain. I cant believe we actually agreed to that! I got so incredibly soaked and couldn't do anything about it! Katelin and I spot a near by pool and push Ashton Michael and Calum in. We stare at Luke and Niall and they jump before we can push them. Katelin and I double over in laughter. I look around for Sierra and when I spot her, I wish I hadn't. She was talking to a lifeguard and obviously flirting. Then she dies something unbelievable. She leans in and kisses him. I gasp and turn away. "You ok?" asks Katelin. "Yea I say quickly recovering. "Just fine."



          Author's Note

Hey guys sorry I haven't been on in a while! I'm going back to posting every other day since i just got a new laptop. I love you guys and thanks for staying patient!!!! -Catiexxxxxx

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