The drummer

Skylynn (sky)'s mom sends her to Australia to visit her out for the summer and sky isn't happy about this. In Australia, she quickly discovers that her aunt is very wealthy- and lives In an amazingly huge neighborhood. One day, sky hears loud music coming from next door. When she goes to check it out, she discovers a band. Sky thinks all four of them are pretty cute but one sticks out. The drummer. Will this summer continue to be a bum or will it be not so bad after all?


1. Australia?!?!?!?!?!?!?

                                                                   Sky's POV

I happily skipped downstairs. "The first day of summer" I thought to myself. It's going to be amazing. Me and a few of my friends are planning a summer vacation at my best friend Alyssa's beach house. "Goodmorning" I say kissing my mom on the cheek. "Hopefully it still will be." She mumbles under her breath. "What does that mean....?" I ask slowly getting out a bowl and milk. I walk over to the cabinet to get my favorite cereal. Frosted flakes!!!

"Well" she begins. "You know your aunt Taylor?" I nod and sit my bowl on the bar in my kitchen. "Well as you know your father and I have that business trip coming up and it turns out it'll be all summer." I nod again. I'll be away with Alyssa anyway the first few weeks and after that....I'll figure that out when the time comes. "So that means that you are going to be staying with aunt Taylor." "Ok!" I say excitedly. I love aunt Taylor she's only 24 and she's like my older sister. "When does she get here?" I ask stuffing my mouth with cereal. "Actually..... You're going to live with Australia."

I choke on my food and almost fall out if my chair. I cough and try to swallow. "WHAT?!?!!" "Um yea she offered to watch you.. If you go over there. And don't try to protest Skylynn it's already final." She says as I start to protest. "Mom.. When do I leave..?" I ask slowly. "Tomorrow morning" she says her voice squeaking as she says it. "WHAT?!?!?" I yell again. "I'm supposed to go to Alyssa's beach house.!!!" "I'm sorry sweetie. You should go shower and hang out with her today while you can."

I put my bowl in the sink and storm back up the stairs. "oh and be back by 6:00 for dimmer and Alyssa can come too but she has to help you pack if she does. I go into my room and slam the door. "I love you!!!" My mom calls up to me. I fall onto my bed. This summer is going to kill.


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