Think is for all the One Direction fans. Girls, guys, anyone. I kinda stole this idea from a fellow writer. Just leave your name and if you want, a description of what you look like.


5. Lechone


*Phone Rings*

It's a blocked number. "Hello?" 

"Hello, love" You hear a thick accent on the other end. It could only be one person: Harry.


"Of course. Do me a favor?"

"Yes. Anything"

"Look outside." He says.

You look out the window and you see him standing in the driveway. You drop the phone and run outside. He has his arms open wide. You walk over to him and he hugs you tight. You begin to cry. You're so happy that he's here,

"I thought you weren't coming back..?" You say.

"I had to come back to see you. You're my girlfriend. I may hate it here and everyone in this stupid ass town, but I love you. I couldn't leave you here by yourself." 

You smile, relieved that he's back to stay.

"I have an important question to ask." He pushes you back from the hug to look you in your eyes. "Gosh I love your beautiful brown eyes." He says. You blush. "Lechone, will you move to London with me?" It takes a few seconds for your mind to register what he asks.

"Wh-What?" You say.

"I know it's a lot to ask and it's all of a sudden. But I can't live without you. But I can't live in this shitty town."

You take a little while to looks at the pros and cons. "Come inside. I need to think about this for a while." You say.

Pros: 1. You get to be with Harry. 2. You'll be in London for crying out loud.

Cons: You'll be leaving behind friends.

Awe, hell. As long as I'm with Harry, I don't care where at I'm at. You think.

"Harry," You say.


"What time does our flight leave?" 

He puts on a giant smile and you both leave for London the following morning.

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