Think is for all the One Direction fans. Girls, guys, anyone. I kinda stole this idea from a fellow writer. Just leave your name and if you want, a description of what you look like.


2. Ashley




"Niall! Please!" You yell while laughing uncontrollably. He knows how ticklish you are. Especially when he plants kisses down your neck.

"Alright fine" He says then plants a soft kiss to your lips.

"Thank you." You say, calming ur breathing.

He plants soft kisses all over face then trailing down your neck. He runs his hands down your sides and stops at your hips and begins to kiss you. It becomes passionate. He flips you over so that you are sitting on top of him but you're still kissing. He puts his hands on your but then up your shirt. You bite his lip.

"C'mon baby. You know that is a turn on of mine." He says.

"Why do you think I did it?" You reply.

He unclamps your bra and takes your shirt off. Followed by your bra. He then runs his hands down to into the back of your pants and grabs your ass. You let a moan escape your lips. 

"Damn babe. Already?" He says with a wink. 

You begin to kiss him harder. He breaks the kiss and strips then strips you. He puts it in slowly. You moan a little bit. He goes faster.

"You're green eyes are so beautiful" He says while going in and out of you. You let another moan escape your lips. 

He stops and dresses again. You get up and dresses yourself. 

He walks over when your finished. He pushes your blonde hair out of your face and puts it behind your ear and kisses you.

"I love you, Ashley" He whispers in your ear.

"I love you too Niall." You say.



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