The City Never Sleeps at Night: One Direction Fan-fiction

(Louis Tomlinson fan-fiction.) Crystal is not the average girl you would expect in NYC. She is eight-teen and lives alone in an apartment. She is a senior in high school and is bullied. She never believed in true love. When Louis bumps into her at the park, will her whole life change?


2. Time for misery

        "Beep, Beep, Beep," The alarm clock screams. I hit the snooze button but it only seems like two seconds before it beeps again. I turn it off and look at. "Damn alarm clock," I mumbled. I stretch and get up to open my blinds. I look outside to a very cloudy day. It's probably going to rain. I open my closet and find something to wear. I picked out this . I put on my outfit and walk into my living room. 

         My living room was small but it was something. It smelled of lysol. When I first moved in it smelled like B.O but I had gotten bottles of lysol and bleech to fix that mess up. 

         I open up my fridge and grab a piece of bread and the butter. I smear the butter on the bread and then I microwave it for thirty second. It makes the toast taste better when you microwave it then when you toast it. I made some hot chocolate in my 'Keurig'. When the toast was done I ate it quickly and then I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair. It only took me five minutes. Then I grabbed my keys and ran out the door. I took the elevator that was in my apartment down to the lobby and walked out of the big doors.

        I have my driver license (I got it this year) but my sucky minimum wage job couldn't afford me a car, so I had to take the bus every where I go. I sat at the bus stop bench taking sips of hot chocolate out of my mug. No one is at my bus stop because no one else lives in this area but my school arranged something for one of the buses to pick me up here but the bus sucked. The driver was an arse. The students on the bus would always tease me and the bus was very old and would break down a lot. 

        After school I had work, which sucked even more because most of the customers had snobby attitudes but that's NYC for you. 

        I waited for five minutes and the bus arrived. It was chilly out this morning and I didn't want to hang outside for much longer. "Good Morning," I said to the bus driver with an oh so fake smile. "Sit down," he replied back sternly. Well, he hates his job. I walked to the middle and sat down in an empty seat. I looked out the window. 

      "Hey, orphan," a voice said from behind me. I looked over and saw Stephen. He was the best football player the football team had and he was number three on my list of a people I hated (And trust me, that's a lot of people. My mom and dad were one and two and no one, not even Stephen could beat them.

"I have a name, you know," I said. 

"Things like you don't have a name. Your just an object," Stephen said.

"Shut it, douche," I mumbled.

Stephen snapped his fingers and his girlfriend Jamie was attacking me. 

"Get off," I cried out. 

"No one, says that kind of thing to such an perfect person," she screamed.

          Jamie was a cheerleader (of course those were the only types of girls Stephen would date) but she could fight because when she was thirteen she joined karate but only stayed in until she was sixteen. She had learned a lot in three years, though. She scratched at me and it hurt badly, she also punched my face but I was used to it, so I didn't pass out but it probably left a mark. Stephen, had gotten his girlfriend to do it because he couldn't hit a girl but I knew a lot of guys at my school who would hit me. 

"Hey," someone said sternly clapping there hands together from in front of me.

       That all caught our attention and we looked. It was, Rachel. She wasn't my friend because like I said before, I don't have any friends but she didn't believe in bullying so whenever she saw someone being bullied, she would scare the bully off. 

"Stop acting foolish, you two," she said to Stephen and Jamie. 

        "Your lucky she was here to save you, Orphan," Jamie said getting off of me and sitting back in her seat. She hadn't saved me though. She hadn't saved me from myself, from all the cuts and scars I had marked on myself. She had only saved me from Jamie.

"I'm not a douche, you little bitch," Stephen said before turning back around to talk to his friend. 

     I looked out the window and tears started falling from my eyes. They weren't major tears but they were still tears. My tears are wiped away by the time we reach school. I get off and start my sucky day school at school.


         I've survived hell up until lunch. I sit outside with my lunch because I don't want to sit in the cafeteria but there is still is a lot of people outside. I enjoy my lunch until Mark walks up. He is just another bully. 

"So, I heard what you said to my friend this morning," he says with his two friends behind him. They are twisting open bottles of water. 

"I know, he deserved it," I said not making eye contact with any of them.

        "I guess you orphans, weren't raised right," he says leaning down. Then water comes pouring down on me. All three bottles were poured on me and my clothes were saturated along with my lunch. 

      "Look," he yells to everyone, "It looks like she wants some 'attention'. Everyone laughs at me. I grab my bag and run off the school lot crying. I run to the park which is two blocks down. There are only a few people there. I sit against a tree and cry, letting it all out. I hate everyone. They blame everything on me because I was an orphan, well it wasn't my fault.

"Are you alright?," I hear a British accent ask. 


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