The story revolves around Janey, a dynamic girl who was rejected and called ugly by her first love. Instead of moping around, she is determined to get her revenge and make a complete laughing stock out of him. As easy as it sounds, Janey has difficulty on her revenge because it seems like he has feelings for her again; and she just can't say no to his gorgeous face. Somebody help her!


1. Prologue

The sun brightly rained down on Janey who was walking home with the love of her life, Nathan. What else could a sixth grader want than to walk home next to the guy of her dreams? She secretly looked over at him, he had grown a bit taller again. As she was observing Nathan, he takes a small peek at her and smiles brightly; it was enough for her to melt.

"Well, this is your stop. I'll see you tomorrow!" he turns and begins to walk away but something was holding him back from doing so.

"Uhhh, Nathan..." Janey bites her lips, "you know we should hang out sometimes." she almost whispers. Nathan chuckles a little and tilts his head in confusion.

"I... liii..." she felt like she was going to choke. "I like you!" she quickly says while looking at the ground. Blushing intensely, she runs into her house without giving him time to answer.


The next morning she she walks into class full prepared for his answer, but he was no where to be seen. She didn't find him until finally it was recess; he was with his friends and they all seem to be laughing about something, so Janey crept closer.

"... I swear, I have Janey in the palms of my hand. She'll do anything I say!" his friends began to nudge him and gave him high fives. "Just the other day, the dumb girl said she liked me and then rushed into her house; it was the funniest thing ever! Her face was as red as a tomato."

"Tomato? Are you sure you don't mean a baboon's butt? Come on man, your insulting tomatoes!" the guy next to Nathan says while laughing.

"Seriously that girl is butt ugly, have you seen Rachel though? Dat ass man, she's got it going on!" another guy says while making round movements with his hand.

Janey slouches down as tears fell from her eyes. She stays quiet as a group of girls walk up to the group of guys. They were all laughing and acting like they were all that. Janey clenches her teeth as she continued listening to the conversation.

"You guys do something to Janey again? Why don't you ever let us in on this!" one of the girls giggle. "Was it as bad as the time in 2nd grade you guys hid a booger in her food? You guys are so immature."

"Oh my god! Remember when we went camping and we switched her bug spray with sugar water! Oh god, she was so bloated with mosquito bites." another girl laughed.

"Nah, remember when I stole her pet hamster? She just bursted into tears that one day in class, saying 'Mr. Chip ran away!'" Nathan exclaims as he fit bumps his friends.

Janey got up and ran away, she had heard enough. Nathan was going to pay for her grief and he was going to do so ten-fold.

"Ouch!" Janey wasn't looking where she was running and bumped into someone. "Come on Janey, I know you near sighted but it seemed like you didn't even see me!"


"Who else, silly?" Rachel smiles at her while rubbing her chest to easy the pain. "Are you ok? Your eyes are red..."

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