The story revolves around Janey, a dynamic girl who was rejected and called ugly by her first love. Instead of moping around, she is determined to get her revenge and make a complete laughing stock out of him. As easy as it sounds, Janey has difficulty on her revenge because it seems like he has feelings for her again; and she just can't say no to his gorgeous face. Somebody help her!


2. I'm Back

It's been 5 years now and Janey still hasn't forgotten about Nathan. She just couldn't wait until she saw him again, she was going to make him fall madly in love with her and then use him like a tool, only to dump him in the most horrendous way in the end. What had happened was that a few weeks after the terrible event, her dad was fortunately offered a better job in some city many many miles away. While she was living her life in middle school she was also plotting her revenge doing everything she could to get as gorgeous as she could until she could finally meet him again in the future. By the end of her sophomore year, she became the most popular girl in school. She was number one in both academics and athletics and was the most beautiful girl in school. She wasn't your average girl either, the whole school worshipped her, especially because of her friendly personality. She was completely prepared for her revenge and it was so close she could taste it. The sweet sweet taste of sweet revenge.

"Janey! Hello?" Janey blinks as she realizes she was walking with Rachel in her new school. "Man, you sure changed in 5 years. You're so hot now," Rachel winks as she leads her to home room.

"Everybody, this is Janey; she just transferred here and will be a new member of our homeroom. Uhh, just sit somewhere." The teacher begins to mumble as he heads back to his desk.

"Hi guys! I'm Janey, I used to be a student here but I moved, and now I'm back! I hope we can all be friends." As Janey took a seat next to Rachel she was immediately crowded by the other students.

"Are you Rachel's friend?"

"Where did you move from?"

"You're really pretty!"

"Hey, there's a party...."

She was bombarded with questions and comments.

"Hey! Lay off guys, don't overwhelm her!" Rachel yells, "talk to her when she's not talking to me, She's my friend right now, introduce yourselves on your own time." Rachel pouts as she pulls Janey closer.

"Thanks..." Janey says sheepishly.

"What are best friends for?" Rachel chuckles.

"Yeah, friends..." 

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