The story revolves around Janey, a dynamic girl who was rejected and called ugly by her first love. Instead of moping around, she is determined to get her revenge and make a complete laughing stock out of him. As easy as it sounds, Janey has difficulty on her revenge because it seems like he has feelings for her again; and she just can't say no to his gorgeous face. Somebody help her!


3. Confrontation

"Hey! Do you remember Nathan?" Rachel ask nonchalantly. Janey freezes a little before continuing to follow Rachel to their next classes. 

"Who?" Janey asks to get more information.

"You know, Nathan! He's really hot now, he's also the quarterback of the varsity team. The most popular guy in school." She pulls Janey closer and whispers to her. "He's single right now if you wanna go after him, but you have a lot of rivals because half of the school is after him!" Janey nods and smiles.

"Well this is my class, I'll see you later Rachel." Janey waves her hand as Rachel says bye.


The whole day was the same for her; she got in introduced herself, got a seat, and learned. it wasn't until the last bell that something interesting happened. Right when she walked into her English class, she heard someone yell "Nathan!". She quickly turned around to scan the room; and there he was, in the corner of the room surrounded by a lot of people. He had grown a lot in the pass 5 years, his skinny body looked really strong now. His hair was also longer, but his eyes were the same color of blue she used to look into everyday.

"Hi, I'm Janey... I'll be in this class with you guys for the rest of the semester. Let's be good friends!" Janey gave her signature smile and went back to her seat. As she walked pass Nathan she took a glance at him, he was smiling; just like that time he stupidly smiled when her walked home with her.


By the end of class, she was confronted by Nathan and his group of friends. "Hey Janey, do you remember us? From sixth grade? You just moved away one day I didn't get to give you my reply. I mean I was trying to but if was like you were avoiding me..." she blankly looked at him. Is he an idiot? was what she though at that moment.

"I think you have the wrong person... I don't remember you, sorry! But lets be friends anyways!" Janey shot him her signature smile.

"Sure!" Nathan says as he gives her his signature smile. If it was a smiling war, she would not lose.

"Yay! Friend me on Facebook ok? I'm friends with Rachel so you can find me on her list." She quickly got her stuff, touched his arm lightly as if to say 'see you later' and walked out as fast as she could. She had never wanted to punch someone so hard before.

Soon! I'll make you suck cock, Nathan. You're gonna get it up your anus. was what Janey was thinking at the moment.

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