Uncovering Sherlock

Parents recently dead, loosing her friends, and siblings far from home. Emily Raves is starting over with her life. She decided to move to the city she's always dreamed of moving. London. She finds a cheep flat on Baker Street. She doesn't question why the rent is so cheep until she meets the tenet below her. Sherlock Holmes. A loud and obnoxious man who doesn't seem to have any self control. He reads her like an open book. He seems to know everything about her. She should be appalled by this stalker like quality but she's not. She gets closer to Sherlock. But when Sherlock's friend Dr John Watson interferes will she turn away from their friendship or fight for it.


6. Buckingham Palace

I walked down the stairs and walked into Sherlock's flat. Sherlock sat in his usual chair looking at his laptop. John sat at the desk writing on his blog.

"Are we going to go?" I asked. "Mycroft said to be outside by now," I remind him. Sherlock looked up from his laptop and then back down.

"He can wait," he said as he started typing on his laptop. Just then Mycroft walked into the flat.

"I thought I told you not to be late," he said as he walked up to Sherlock and shut his laptop. "Lets go, I left the car on," Sherlock shrugged and stood up and grabbed his coat and scarf and we followed Mycroft downstairs. John, Sherlock and I got in the back seat of the car as Mycroft got in the front.

"So what kind of case is this?" John asked. Mycroft looked back at the three of us.

"Break in," Mycroft said as he turned back around. "The Queen and most of her security were out when it happened. There were only three men in the security room. They didn't catch anything though."

"Was anything taken?" John asked as Sherlock just stared out the window.

"Nothing, but something was left." Mycroft said.

We pulled up to a large rod-iron fence and the driver rolled down his window and handed the security guy an ID. The man examined the ID then opened the gates. We drove just a minute longer before the car stopped. We got out and we stood outside of Buckingham Palace. This had always been a place I had wanted to see when I was younger but I never thought I would actually get to see it. Let alone go inside. Mycroft walked up to the large doors and opened them and led us into a sitting room. I sat next to Sherlock who had a smug look on his face as he nudged John who snickered. 

"Whats so funny?" I asked.

"Last time we were here I was naked," Sherlock said with a huge grin. I couldn't help but smirk a bit. Mycroft came walking into the room with a man in a black suit. They sat down on the couch across from us.

"Mr Holmes we are glad you could help us," the man said. "Follow me and I will show you the room that was broken into," he said as he stood up. Sherlock, John and I stood up and followed the man down that hall and into a large dining room. The table could've easily sat 25 people. Sherlock looked around the room and nodded. "What do you think happened?" the man asked as Sherlock started walking around the room.

"He came in through the window," Sherlock stayed as he pointed to the window at the very end of the room. I noticed an apple sitting on the ground. Sherlock started walking towards it and bent down to look at it.

"But thats impossible, these windows will not open from the outside," the man said.

"But he didn't have to open the window, it was already open," Sherlock said as he stood up and looked at the latch on the window. "If he had opened it from the outside then there would be signs of a forced entry. But there are none, and right now this window is not lock all the way. Someone could easily open in from the outside and not leave any marks," he said as he bent back down and picked up the apple. He turned it around and saw the letters marked on it. I O U. He motioned for John to come over and he jogged across the long room and stood next to Sherlock. He looked at the apple and got a worried look on his face.

"It's him," Sherlock whispered as he shook his head.

"But how?" John asked. "I thought you saw him dead?"

"I did, I saw his brains on the ground!" Sherlock said as bit loud. "He's dead." 

"Well so were you, I saw you dead. But here you are," John said. Sherlock nodded.

"Well do you know who broke in Mr Holmes?" the man said. I had forgotten he was there.

"Yes," Sherlock said. "Jim Moriarty," he said.

"And what does he want with the Queen?" the man asked.

"He doesn't want anything to do with the Queen. This was just a place where he could get some attention," Sherlock said as he turned the apple around in his hands.

"Then what does he want?" the man asked.

"Me." Sherlock said as he set the apple on the table and walked out of the room. His long coat trailing behind him.

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