Uncovering Sherlock

Parents recently dead, loosing her friends, and siblings far from home. Emily Raves is starting over with her life. She decided to move to the city she's always dreamed of moving. London. She finds a cheep flat on Baker Street. She doesn't question why the rent is so cheep until she meets the tenet below her. Sherlock Holmes. A loud and obnoxious man who doesn't seem to have any self control. He reads her like an open book. He seems to know everything about her. She should be appalled by this stalker like quality but she's not. She gets closer to Sherlock. But when Sherlock's friend Dr John Watson interferes will she turn away from their friendship or fight for it.


7. A personal case

I carried the tray of tea down the stairs carefully and walked into Sherlock's family room. I set the tray on the table and poured him some tea and handed him the cup. Sherlock was sitting in his usual chair with his hands in his "thinking position" since we got back.

"Thank you Emily," John said as I handed him some tea too. He was sitting at the desk writing on his blog.

"So who is this guy?" I asked. "The one that broke into the palace?" I asked.

"Moriarty," Sherlock whispered so quietly it was almost inaudible.

"And who is he?" I asked getting frustrated that he wouldn't just answer my questions. I wonder if this is how he felt when he was dealing with his "boring" cases.

"He's suppose to be dead, I saw him laying there. He was dead!" Sherlock yelled as he jumped up from his chair.

"Yes but I also saw you laying there, you were suppose to be dead," John said as he turned away from his computer. "Maybe he just faked his death like you did."

"But how John how?" Sherlock asked as he paced back and forth. "I saw him pull the trigger, his brains were on the ground damn it! There's no way he could've faked his death without me knowing about it," he said as he grabbed his coat and scarf.

"Where are you going?" John yelled after him as Sherlock headed downstairs.

"Out!" he yelled up and we heard the door slam downstairs.

"Is he usually like this?" I asked John.

"Yeah he is, goes off randomly when he's on a case," he said.

"But he's not on a case now. He solved what happened at the palace," I said.

"Yes but this is more of a personal case for him," John said. "Moriarty and Sherlock have some weird relationship. They are both masterminds and  Moriarty is always trying to one up Sherlock. He even tried to kill me twice," John said. "And now it seems he's still alive even though Sherlock saw him kill himself," John said as his phone started ringing. He talked for a bit then stood up. "I better go, I'll see you later," John said as he walked out.

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