Fix Me Pls?


3. Chapter 3

Zayn's P.O.V

I pulled away from the kiss and she kept looking at me. I caressed her cheek with my thumb. "You know I don't hate you" I finally said it. "I love you" I said again before she could say anything. I finally said it!! "I-i love y-you too" she said and I smiled at her. "Will you be mine?" I asked her hoping she would say yes. "Yes I'll be yours" she said and I hugged her tightly.

Skylar's P.O.V

What just happened? I actually told him how I feel. Yeah I hated him before but now he's different. Omg I'm so happy. "Let's go inside yeah?" I said and went inside with him. "Ah here you guys are, finally, now sit down" my dad said and I sat down, this time zayn sat beside me. We were all eating desert when I felt another hand on mine. I looked down to find it was Zayn's hand. I smiled and interlocked our fingers. He brushed his thumb against my hand which made me blush and I don't know why.

It's 12 AM right now and we all are still at the dining table. "Oh dear it's 12 AM, we should leave" Zayn's mom said and I frowned. "It's 12 AM and you all are very tired,so why don't you stay here for the night?" My mom suggested and they all agreed. "So uh there are two guest rooms, so one person has to sleep the night in skylar's room." My dad said. So Zayn's sister already decided to share a room and his mom and dad will share the other one. "Zayn why don't you bunk with skylar tonight?" Zayn's mom asked/said.

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