Skylar, Jayla, and Selena are best friends and are all Directioners!! When Selena has one direction tickets they'll all meet the guy of their dream, but what happens when some naughty girls come into the picture?


2. Best Night Ever

Skylar's pov

"OMG Jayla!! Do you know how HAPPY I AM ABOUT THIS?!?" I screamed at my best friend who decided to become a directioner. "I know! Its just Liam stole my heart and i cant take the feels!!" She whined at me and i just laughed "please tell me they get easier!" It almost sounded like she begged me. "Sorry love but as the lads get hotter the feels get bigger!" We both laughed. "Well Sky i got to go! My mum is taking me out with the cousins! Later!" "Later Jay!" I hung up and looked at my texts.

From: SellyXP

Hey gurl! I have a HUGE surprise!! Coming over latah! And did you here about Jay?

I smiled and texted back

Of course i heard!! We were just fangirling over how CUTE niam is!!

Selly: omg yay! She better not take my Harry Beary!

Me: naw girl! I have Niall, Jay has Liam and you have... Harry bearry...0.o

Selly: lol ok! I'll be over in five! Tell Jay to come!

Me: ok bye!

I texted Jayla and told her to come over. Jayla lives right across the street from me and has been my childhood friend ever since i moved here to Doncaster from the Usa (yes i have a british accent! I moved when i was three so i picked it up) and we met Selena, or Selly at kindergarten. So Jay came over and we fangirled over One Direction the i heard a tap at my window. I turned and looked at my window and had a heart attack. There was beautiful Selly, medium length, straight black hair with emo bangs, with neon purple dipped died and gorgeous golden eyes. Jayla looked at me "whats wr- AAAHHH!!" She screamed and covered her carmel brown eyes and let her blonde-brown streaked hair fall in her face to hide her face. Selly was laughing her head off and she opened the window. "Omg! You two should've seen your faces!!" She said inbetween laughs. Me and Jay rolled our eyes. Jay was 18 and i was 17 almost 18 in three weeks. Selly on the other hand was 19 and the oldest and the most childish. Wait.. Im the childish one!! Oh well. I put my red hair in a sloppy bun and flicked my long bangs out of my bright deep blue eyes and looked at Selly. "So the surprise?" Jayla nodded in agreement. "I have... ONE DIRECTION CONCERT TICKETS, FRONT ROW, VIP, AND MEET AND GREET IN THREE WEEKS!!" She screamed. Then we just about broke all the glass in the world by screaming.

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