Cold Coffee

I walked outside and looked at the stars, beautiful. I felt a cold rag wrap my mouth and I gasped but I was slowly sent into a deep sleep...

Katie Wintars was a very preppy young girl, but spunky when she wanted to be. She was a good student, a way with her words. But if you touched her or her friends, she puts up a fight with words, but if you ever stood up to her, she would show no fear, although she does fear. She fears of most things in life. She can't fight a 8 year old if she was to save her life! She's a noodle arm but that doesn't stop her from acting tough. She gives the evil eye, and it's a warning to go away. Until she gets kidnapped right after her big fight with her boyfriend and best friend...


1. ~Not and Update~



This is my first, book that is my own and  not shared with someone else. Im really excited to be making this book! I hope you enjoy it as much as I will making it!! Thank You(: 




Gracie ~~~~

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