The Shy One

Chloe Tomlinson is a very quiet girl and she lives with her rather mean dad

What happens when she leaves to go stay with Louis ?
Will she fall for one of the boys?


3. You've Changed

Chloe's (p.o.v.)

Well I woke up right when the plane landed we were allowed to leave the plane I grabbed my backpack and headed to go get my suitcase I grabbed my suit case and good thing I had cash because my dad told me in the car to take a cab Louis couldn't pick me up because by the time I get off the plane they would just be leaving an interview so they will meet me there but he also said one of the boys weren't there he was visiting his girlfriend oh well I got a cab and told him the address he then said " are you a fan or something?" I shook my head and said " I'm one of the boys sister " he snickered and started driving when I got there I payed and grabbed my luggage I nocked on the door and a boy with jet black hair answered the door he asked " hello um are you a fan are something " I shook my head no and replied " no I'm Louis's little sister Chloe " he looked stunned and yelled " LOUIS GET DOWN HERE NOW " Louis came running down the stairs he asked the same thing " are you a fan are something " I shook my head no and said " Louis I'm Chloe " he also looked stunned his blue eyes got big and his jaw was almost touching the ground he got out of his trance and flung his arms around me he mumbled " you changed chlo " I nodded and I replied " and you haven't changed Lou " he chuckled and released me and well Zayn was still shocked then he said " weren't you the one I sat by on the plane " I studied him closely and nodded he smiled and walked off

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