The Shy One

Chloe Tomlinson is a very quiet girl and she lives with her rather mean dad

What happens when she leaves to go stay with Louis ?
Will she fall for one of the boys?


4. Hello or Hell no

Chloe's (p.o.v.)

Me and Louis walked in and he showed me to my room I opened the door and was immediately blown away by what I saw there was a balcony that over looked the sunset a walk in closet my own bathroom a queen size bed there was a couch and a flat screen Telly and my whole room was black red and white there was a piano guitar and there was a picture painted on my wall that was a piano going all around my room with music notes I looked at Louis and smiled and said " thank you big brother " and I embraced him in a hug he hugged back and said " your welcome little sis and come down stairs I want you to meet the rest of the boys " I walked down stairs and four rather attractive boys were standing in front of me I waved shyly they smiled Louis said " Chloe this is Zayn Liam Niall and Harry, Harry Niall Liam and Zayn this is Chloe " I smiled and said very quietly " hello " I went up back to my room and started drawing

Louis's (p.o.v.)

After Chloe left to upstairs all the boys except Zayn and Liam witch was Niall and Harry came up to me and said with pleading eyes " can I ask your sister out " I rolled my eyes and simple replied with " Hell no never in a million years till I'm dead " then NIALL replied " I can arrange for that to happen " he had a slit grin forming my eyes got wide then they went back to normal and I simple shook my head no

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