Please Dont ...

Lily Gets Bullied Because Shes A Nerd But Once The New Boy Cones Will He Help Or Make Everything Worser ?


2. him

"His Name Is Zayn"

He had his hair in a quiff & a leather jacket on with khaki pants on

" go sit next to .."

She made a long pause until she said


I heard alot of voices sayig

"Eww why next to her"

"Shes gonna give him rabies"

He didnt care he just sat down & asked for my name &treated me nice not like other people ... But that was for like only week he was diffrent & i deiced to get a makeover!!! But once i did he turned into my worst nightmare ! & i started dressing slutty & guys didnt respect me ?!? But i didnt care i did it for him but he pushed me aways i just wanted him to see how i look when i dress all pretty & do my makeup but nope .

"Gett it in ur head i only talked to you because i felt bad for u !! God damn get the fuck out of here fake ass bitch !"

Where some of the things he told me but the most important question why ? Why me ?!? & he turned popular so everyone always agreed with him so my life was now officially hell & now i was scared too scared to defend myself from the guy i really liked . But the most scarriest thing is that

It was only the beginning

How wierd is it ? That someone can act like they care or acctually like you for you like as a friend but then it was alll a damn joke! No person deserves this no one!

But i was use to it everytime it seemed like things were going good something always threw it down !

Zayns POV

Well the lily girl was really cute with her glasses & bummy ness aha but then that stupid fake makeover ! I liked her when she was herself but if she wants to play fake then ima be fake too why can anyone be real or true but i wasnt gonna catch feelings fuck her little fake ass & the worst thing is that i honestly thought she wasnt fake like other people & she dressed slutty asf & other guys liked it !! But why did i care she changed on me!! Wait why do i care so much ?!?

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