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Lily Gets Bullied Because Shes A Nerd But Once The New Boy Cones Will He Help Or Make Everything Worser ?


1. About Her

Lily's POV

Everyone Bullies Me Just Because I Care About My Grades! & Because I Have Glasses & Acne & Wear No MakeUp, It Aint My Fault Girls Putt 20 Pounds Of Makeup Call That Pretty But I Dont Care Ever Since Middle School Ive Been Thru This Bullshit So i Dont Give A Fuck No More & My Dads Been In Jail Since Middle School For Being Illegal . He Was My Everything I Would Always Go To Him For everything He May Have Been A jerk A Few times But When They Took Him Away I Broke Down & Ever Since I Dont Care what I Did Or What I Weared Specially How I Looked . & He Doesnt Even Want Us To Visit Us Because He Will Break So Im Use To This For 6 Years . & My Mom Doesnt Care That People Say Shit Because She Says Its My Fault For Not Caring about My looks So Iquess . I Hate To Fight But If They Talk Shit About My Mom Or Dad Or Anyone In My Family Shit Gets Real & Just Because I Look Like A Goody-Goody Doesnt Mean I Cant Defend Myself . But Yeah So Today Same routine As always Put Whatever The Fuck On & Oh Yeah! i Forgot to Say My Mom Bought Me Mascara & I Have NEVER Used It So This Morning I Did & Let My Light Brown Waves Down & I Was out The Door !

"Damn Finally You Get Ready But Your Still Hideous As always !!"

Why ? Why Me ? Uh Fuck It Im Used To It . As I Walk Ti 1st Period English Wow Even The Teachers Were Staring Wtf ! Well As I Walked In Ms . Okelberry Said

"Students Shush ! We Got A New Student Olease Make Them Feel Welcomed His Name Is Zayn.

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