Green Eyes

Jessie Calabray disowned by her main family, moves too London to live with her aunt and uncle. She gets there and starts working for her uncle at the one and only Syco Records. Her uncle James is a very good friend of Simon and was able to convince him to let her be a payed intern for James. One day when Jessie is with her uncle she meets her idols, One Direction. Not knowing that the boys are right outside she shows off her beautiful voice with no one around to hear. What will happen when her uncle and the boys hear it or worst Simon?


5. Total Gamers

Jessie's pov

Yesterday was pretty rough. Yesterday after I ran from the boys again I ran into my uncle and we went home. For some reason I can trust him and jenny more than anyone in the world other than chance and I think it's because there only like 9 years older than me and went through this not to long ago. They understood and to get my mind off of it we went up to my room and played cod ghost. Jenny had hooked up all my electronics like my tv and stuff and I let her arrange my room yesterday while we were gone. She did great! My room is huge too! I have a huge window and a huge window seat then my bed is by the other wall then my dresser is next to my bed and so is my night stand. I have a huge walk in closet and my own bathroom with a big tub and a glass shower. Then with all the space I have left is my tv and gaming area with all my game chairs. Then on the wall next to that is my 3 guitars hung up, my keyboard, and my drumbset, along with my little trophy case full with all my trophies,ribbons, and other awards I've won. Then of course my softball equipment. There was also a huge blue rug in the middle of my room on the hardwood floors. My walls were also blue along with my comfortable and all my things were hung up in my closet. You wonder how all my stuff is here and how Jenny got everything done right? Well Jenny had secretly called my dad and brothers and while my mom was on a business trip they packed it all up and put it in a moving truck. They even took all my posters down and put them in a box along with a note from them saying sorry, some old pictures/new ones,and some picture frames. They also sent my collection of hats and sunglasses that I didn't bring. I was so fucking happy! I ended up going to the store and getting 3 bags of jolly ranchers, some Reese cups, m&ms, Pringles, and 4 cases of Mountain Dew because I'm a Mountain Dew addict. Then I went back to the house and jenny, James, and I ordered some Pizza Hut and played cod ghost on my Xbox all night until 11:00 when Jenny went to bed because she had work and then here me and James are at 10:00 am still playing. We didn't even goto sleep! And for a bunch of bums who didn't even sleep last night we still look damn good! And of course now someone's ringing the damn doorbell! "I'll get it" I say pausing the game, jumping up, and running down stairs. And there stood 5 fags called one direction! Before yesterday I would have just passed out but you know. They looked at me up and down and I remembered that I had in grey sweats and a pink sports bra and gave them a dirty look for checking me out. "Why are you here" I asked rudely. "James invited us to come over yesterday" Liam answered. I ran up the stairs and looked behind me. "You coming" i asked and they smiled, closed the door and followed me. "Damn girl your room is tight" Niall said eyeballing my room then my guitars then the food and looked at me with a begging look. "Go ahead" he jumped in the floor and started eating candy. I sat back in the floor and began playing again as my uncle James whispered "sorry I forgot they were coming" in my ear. I just shrugged and kept playing. "Did you guys even sleep last night" Liam asked. We ignored him. "Hello" he said about 10 times before pausing it, standing up, and screaming "DAYUM LIAM I WAS IN DA ZONE YOU RUINED IT" the boys and James started laughing crazily! Then I plugged up my phone too my docking station and pressed play and drunk in love by Beyoncé started playing. Then I walked into my closet put on some sunglasses, and came out and then pulled the string to my huge blinds on my huge window and then sunlight blasted through the room and James fell over and screamed "the light" then I replied with "oh shut up Edward this isn't twilight" and the boys laughed again. Finally I opened my other smaller window and then looked in my mirror rolling down my pants Alittle looking at my new tat that I got yesterday before I came home that says "never doubt yourself" it was on my lower hip. Then the boys all just looked at me glaring. "Problem" I asked "nope but nice tat" Harry replied. I smiled and thanked him then the song fix you by Coldplay came on but I quickly realized it was a cover of me doing it and turned around with shock on my face. "OMG Jess who is that singing they are incredible" my uncle asked. Harry was about to tell him it was me before I threw a ball at him. "It's a girl from YouTube I found" I lied he nodded believing me and the boys just gave me a weird look. "Umh uncle J can I talk to the boys alone for a second" I asked. "Yeah I gotta pee anyways be back in a second" he said getting up. "Wtf why did you lie" Louis asked. "I'm terrible why would I want my uncle to hear that" I replied. Niall walked up to me and hugged me and said "your incredible better than stars out there one of the best I've ever heard so tell him" I hugged him tighter and thanked him and in came my uncle. "Hey Jess why don't you play your keyboard while I play one of your guitars and we can have Alittle jam session" Niall suggested. "Yeah that would be a good idea do it" James and the boys said. So I paused my phone and then grabbed down my acoustic guitar handed it to Niall then sat down and gave Niall a sheet if music and we started playing.

Niall: "Pardon me for my lack of excitement

But I'm not entirely thrilled

St-st-stutter when I talk, flail around as I walk

Yeah the moments been killed

And I'm not good at this no, not all

I'm not good at this

Niall: I'm a wreck and I know it and I tend to show it every chance that I get

Butterflies in the skies they just fly on by

They're making me sick

They don't flutter about I'd do without

All they do is kick

Niall: Mean it truly

Sincere heart

Why do you do this to me, tear me apart?

Jess: It's my fault and I know it and I tend to blow it no thanks to you

It's like you sit and you watch me

You poke and you taunt me

It's all that you do

And I'm not fighting that no, not at all

Just want to be something, a name you call

The lips you taste just to fall madly in love

Jess: Mean it truly

Sincere heart

Why do you do this to me, tear me apart?

Jess: I got my eyes set on you

My heart is burning red

All of my words come out wrong

Run circles in my head

You had me and I melted

In the palm of your hand

You know it, yes I felt it

You'll never understand

Both: Mean it truly

Sincere heart

Why do you do this to me, tear me apart?"

When we were done I looked up they all had there mouths and bulging eyes and they were all recording me. "Was I okay" I asked. "You were incredible" I heard from a voice on my uncles phone and saw he was on FaceTime with none other than Simon Cowell. Holy shit!

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