Green Eyes

Jessie Calabray disowned by her main family, moves too London to live with her aunt and uncle. She gets there and starts working for her uncle at the one and only Syco Records. Her uncle James is a very good friend of Simon and was able to convince him to let her be a payed intern for James. One day when Jessie is with her uncle she meets her idols, One Direction. Not knowing that the boys are right outside she shows off her beautiful voice with no one around to hear. What will happen when her uncle and the boys hear it or worst Simon?


1. Supportive? I think not!

Jessie's pov

I used to think that my family was the most supportive family in the world. They came to all my softball games and bought me all the equipment I wanted. But I was wrong. Recently I graduated from high school. My mom decided that I was going to college to play softball. I told her that I didn't want too and she flipped out and kicked me out. My dad and three brothers tried to tell her to stop but she slapped them across the face and grounded my brothers. She wouldn't even them say goodbye. I heard my brothers and dad cry and it broke my heart. I went to a gas station and asked my best friend Chase if I could borrow his phone and I called my aunt Jenny and she said I could move to London there with her. So my Aunt flew out and showed up around 2:00 the next day and picked me up from Chase's. I said my goodbyes to chase and my aunt took me to my house to get my stuff. Luckily my mom wasn't home but my dad and brothers were. They apologized as I got all my things smushed into 3 suitcases and hugged them goodbye. My aunt and I took the cab too the airport and were on our way to London.

Hey guys! This is my new movella! Tell me what you think and read my other one too!

~Zayns girl

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