Green Eyes

Jessie Calabray disowned by her main family, moves too London to live with her aunt and uncle. She gets there and starts working for her uncle at the one and only Syco Records. Her uncle James is a very good friend of Simon and was able to convince him to let her be a payed intern for James. One day when Jessie is with her uncle she meets her idols, One Direction. Not knowing that the boys are right outside she shows off her beautiful voice with no one around to hear. What will happen when her uncle and the boys hear it or worst Simon?


2. New Job!

Jessie's pov

Last night my aunt and I got back around 4:00 am. We went straight to her house and went to bed. I'm staying in her extra bedroom and she says I can decorate it how ever I want. I look over at the clock and it says it's only 8:00 am. I definitely need to go back to sleep!

"Wake up sleepy head it's time to see yo funky uncy" I heard my uncle James say walking into my room. I hopped up and jumped on him. "I missed you" we both said at the same time laughing. My uncle is my dads little brother. My uncle is only 28 and he married my aunt about 6 1/2 years ago. They are awesome! "Okay so get dressed it's already 11:30 and we have to be at work at 12:30" he told me. "What do you mean us" I asked. "Your aunt must of not told you but you are going to be my paid intern at Syco my boss Simon said that he would love to meet you too because I told him all about you" my uncle replied. I started jumping up and down screaming then told my uncle to get out. I put on my black jeans and a blue short sleeve tshirt that says "Call somebody who cares". Then I threw on my blue converse, straightened my thick curly blonde hair, and then did my makeup to where my eyeliner made my green eyes pop. Then I walked downstairs, hugged my aunt by and me and my uncle were on our way. "So me and your aunt thought you would need this" my uncle said handing me a blue iPhone 5C. I hugged him and thanked him screaming Alittle.

We walked into a huge building and started walking towards the elevator. I saw lots of cute boys staring at me and winking. This place is like a cute boy magnet! We walked up to a room and when I walked in there was a huge recording studio! "Ok so our new clients should be here about-" he got cut off by someone walking in. HOLY CRAP ONE DIRECTION!

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