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Niall's Pov

I was on break from tour and music for 6 months starting in 2 months. I was ready for it, sure I would miss the lads and our amazing fans but were all so wore out we really need the break. Liam, Louis, and zayn were really excited to spend time with their girlfriends and fiancé. Harry was going back to spend time with his family and I was going to go see my family.

I was on the couch in the tour bus when all the guys came in "Niall!!" Louis yelled " we've been lookin for you mate, Simon told us to give this to you." He handed me a piece of paper. I sat up and took the paper from him, probably just some silly meeting schedule. I opened it up and my heart just froze. All I saw was a name and number Lilly Torel... Carrie's aunt, but why does she want to talk to me, it's been 4 years since I've seen them, I mean Carrie is on my mind ALL THE TIME, I miss her so much, but why is Lilly trying to get in touch with me? Is Carrie ok?? " Niall, you ok mate? You look like you just saw a ghost or something" Harry said to me. I snapped out of my haze. " you guys remember me telling you about my best friend Carrie that moved to Florida before I trued out for X factor?" I asked. "Yeah, the girl your still in love with right?" Liam asked. "Yeah her, well her aunt is trying to get a hold of me for some reason, and I haven't heard from them in 4 years" I ran my fingers through my hair. Zayn patted my shoulder and said " call her up and see what she wants." So I did.

2 months later.

I'm sitting on the bed in the condo waiting for Lilly to call and say me and Paris can come down.

"You know what would be great?" Paris said from the door way. "What's that?" I ask back.

" if you let me go down first and wait like 45 minutes and come down and totally just surprise the hell out of her, you know to make it dramatic" I've know Paris for as long as I've known Carrie, she was always the one to do thing dramatically, but she had a good point. "I think that's a great idea" she smiled and text her mom and told her our plan. I didn't like the fact of waiting a whole 45 extra minutes to see Carrie though.

I start getting nervous, what if she forgot about me, what if she's not excited to see me, I wonder if she likes the way I look now, my teeth are straight now and I dress differently, I haven't changed that much but what if she has. I start pacing the floor and Paris comes back in " they are here, remember 45 minutes" she smiles and runs outside. We're on the 15th floor so I go out and stand on the balcony to see if I can see her, I saw her mom and Lilly, and I'm guessing one of her friends she's kinda hott I guess, then I see Paris run toward them and then her "friend"squeel and run to Paris and then I realize holy hell that's Carrie. Hott damn, she looks great, she's all tan and the blonde looks good from here though I couldn't really see her face too well from this high. This was going to be the longest 45 minutes of my life.

It's finally time. I run outside, the elevator down was so slow, finally I get out and run to the beach but I don't see her standing by the water anymore. I look to the left and I see her walking so I catch up with her. I get about 10 feet from her "your gone for four years and you turn into a smokin hott blonde, how does that work?" I teases just like we used to. She stopped walking and froze for a second. I studied her back, the way her hairline stopped at the top of her neck and her black bikini strains hung down the middle of her back and her shorts were lust long enough to cover her bum, damn she was all grown up and sexy. When she turned around my heart stopped, she was just as beautiful as I remembered, blonde suited her well, her eyes were so blue that I could get list in them forever she finally smoke "Niall?" She looked like she couldn't believe i was real. I couldn't believe it either. I finally spoke " yep, the one and only" time seemed frozen in this moment, us just looking at each other. She smiled and ran to me and I wrapped my arms around her and spun her around. She was here, really here in my arms. It was perfect.

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